Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some slight catching up

Well, once again, it has been a while. I've been in a really lazy mood. For a while. So, in my efforts to combat my laziness, I decided to compromise with myself and do some video logs. :-) So, I write a little then you get to see my handsome face and hear my totally pleasing and soothing voice. ;-)

So let's get to it:

First up is Christmas 2009.

I don't think I need to type anything extra for this one.

Next, my sister Jocelyn and her husband Jay's Wedding Reception:

As I mentioned in the vid I had a great time and it was great seeing everyone again. I'll have pics on my fb page later. I'll link 'em.

And Finally Two cool nights back to back! The second night being THE COOLEST NIGHT EVAR!!!!!

First The KGB Bar and David Anthony Durham:

Fun Night. Pics over on fb.

And the finale, Imani Coppola!!!!!!!!!!!:

About the fourth time recording this! Kept talking too long. Couldn't help it, it was such a cool night! Thanks Imani and friends!!!!!

Two sexy people!: Imani Coppola and I: Click the link and buy some great music.