Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello there!

Been gone for quite a while, I know. Been busy. It is the Year of the Dragon and I'm a Dragon so whadaya expect?! I'll let you judge: Finally finalized a rather serious...situation. [Vague I know but gotta leave it that way for now. Sorry.] Got married. Had a baby. Well, my wife had the baby, I just helped make her. Graduated from Fordham University. Bachelor's degree. Quit one job and started another. Raising the baby.

SO...whadaya think? Busy year so far?

I love being a father. I love being a husband. These are the things I've wanted since I was very young. I remember thinking when I was about 10 or so that I wanted a family of my own. Wife, children and that's it. What job I was going to have was inconsequential to me. My parents weren't together. I wanted them to be. I remember questioning them when I was very young. I do not remember the answers I was given then. As an adult I have the the real answers now. I craved for what I didn't have then, a complete family. As in the unit. Mother, father, children. I have that now, at least I have a child not children, and I am happy about it. It is an adjustment though. I started this family thing a bit later than I planned. Not for lack of trying though. My first go round was approximately 12 years ago, the last Year of the Dragon. Didn't quite work out. I'm glad it didn't and not glad at the same time. Not glad because I truly did love the woman I was trying to have a child with at the time and I think she would have been a great mother. Of course I am very glad because I have a wonderful wife who is an even more wonderful mother to the most precious and beautiful creature I have ever witnessed on this planet. Talea is magic, pure and simple. People stop in their tracks when we go out just to stare at her. This has happened more than once. My wife's doctor actually called her a "perfect human specimen". How awesome is that?! I haven't felt as much happiness from the presence of another human since my sister was born! [That's another story I have to jot down here soon. Especially since I just mentioned it. ;-)] I mentioned Talea in my other blog a few months ago. It was in relation to a writing class I was taking. My daughter helped me graduate college! How awesome is that!

[Started this two days ago and now I've lost my train of thought. I wanted to finish it but the zone I was in is gone. Oh well. I'll just start writing and see what happens.]

Talea is growing so fast! It's been roughly seven months and the kid is trying to speak and run already! Actually she's been trying to do those things almost since she was born. She's so smart and intelligent. When I get home her face lights up with an excited smile and my day instantly becomes better. There is no better feeling than my daughter bouncing up and down in excitement 'cause she sees me. I really have to get on with improving myself in all the areas I need to so that I can not only teach her what she needs but be a great example as well. Call me crazy if you want but my goal is to raise my daughter to be a Jedi Warrior Queen. Her mother is smart and very intelligent, I'm pretty smart and kind of intelligent, so, I think Talea is on a good path with us so far. Her mother has a gift for language so Talea is already hearing French, Korean, and Spanish along with English. She is also learning sign language as well.

[Another break of a few days. Man I need to make a schedule and stick to it!]

Talea is nearly walking, crawling around, already climbing on and off things, and generally on the edge of becoming a heart attack inducer for her parents. I'm going to post this now before another few days pass by. (I slacked off way too much this month. I took a break from facebook for a month and the month is almost up. I need to step up my writing game something fierce.) Stay cool until next time.


edit:  I also moved to a bigger apartment this year. How'd I forget that?!

Oh, and here's the wee magic wolf cub!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Editing rant.

I'm taking a Writing for Online course online in this final semester of school, in which each of us students must maintain a blog. I'm kind of bogged down with a lot right now but I'm trying to keep up with all of my school work, part of which is reading my fellow students' blogs. I find this interesting but also extremely annoying! Why do you ask? Well, I'll tell ya. Maybe it's the writing snob in me but as interesting as some of my classmates' blog subjects might be they have a particular problem with grammar and spelling. Spelling mistakes don't bother me too much unless they're constant but wrong words and improper grammar annoy the hell out of me. For instance, knowing the difference and usage of there, their, and they're. Or your and you're. They are NOT interchangeable and since you made it to college you should probably know the difference and when to use each. I know sometimes people are in a rush and/or just overwhelmed but take a breather after you finish writing and don't post anything! After your break, go and carefully read and edit what you wrote. Hopefully you can catch the mistakes and correct them (there are programs to help with this you know). I'm not perfect by any means. I make mistakes. Some of them get past me, usually just minor spelling errors, but at least I EDIT before I POST!! Trust me, I've never mixed up there, their, or they're in anything I've ever written. That's just stupid. Sorry, it is. I'd like to assume that most of the people in this course with me paid attention in English class in their previous years of schooling, but it doesn't seem like it based on what I'm reading. And this simple shit is what makes me not want to read what they write.