Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 Honest things

Been tagged by my spirit-brother David to do some more truetrue things about myself. Like David I'll try to refrain from repeating the things I did in my two previous posts, here and here. I will also doubly duplicate the love/hate theme. Here goes.

1. I love watching people performing things they've completely dedicated themselves to, ie: martial artists, acrobats, musicians, etc.

2. I hate nagging. HATE IT! Do not nag me, AT ALL!

3. I love a well proportioned woman. I'm not an ass-man or tit-man but a whole body-man.

4. I hate arrogance.

5. I love a good story, be it a book, film, song, or a recollection.

6. I hate blind violence. Ethnic cleansing, border wars, holy lands, etc., all bullshit.

7. I love Nature. Though there are some things I have a healthy fear of I love nature.

8. I hate poachers and people who hunt for sport. And by extension people who wear real animal furs they didn't hunt and clean.

9. I love salmon. My favorite fish to eat. Baked or broiled is best. One day I need to go salmon fishing.

10. I hate religious zealots(nuts!).

Bonus: I love Love.

Well, I have absolutely no one to tag so anyone I know that reads my blog wants to do a list just comment here and let me know where your list is. It doesn't have to be a blog, hint to the myspace and faacebook friends I have.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't tell me ethinicity(race) doesn't matter anymore!!!!!

The following is a excerpt from this rather disturbing but not surprising article.

The witness shows me a home video he recorded shortly after the storm. On the tape, three white Algiers Point men discuss the incident. One says it might be a bad idea to talk candidly about the crime. Another dismisses the notion, claiming, "No jury would convict."

If you haven't clicked the link and read the article, the above references the blatantly ethnically charged vigilantism perpetrated against Black men in New Orleans, specifically in Algiers Point, a predominantly white neighborhood, in the weeks following hurricane katrina.

There's a whole lot I wanted to write while I was reading this article and now I'm just blah. This is the country I live in. I'm SICK of this shit! I can't wait until I see an america where there is no one alive who was born before 1970. Yes, I realize that includes my parents and many of my friends' parents but, oh well. I love my parents but this is bigger picture shit I'm talking about. I can't help you if you don't understand. I'm TIRED! I've read and learned about stuff happening like in this article in history as I grew up and I shouldn't be reading about shit like this happening NOW!

And if you haven't seen Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke I suggest you watch it. It's a very important documentary of how this government once again failed it's citizens miserably.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy ass SNL

Thses dudes be coming up with some seriously retarded yet good stuff!

Plain WRONG!!!

This is just sick. This kid's momma needs to get her ass kicked, or whoever used that damn box to put that kids clothes in. This kid's momma actually said, "look at the camera and cry," THEN said, "don't you like the box? It's a nice box." And everyone in the room laughing needs their ass kicked too. You just don't do shit like this to a child. People wonder why I can't stand ghetto-ass people. Simple ignorant shit like this. Oh yeah, and there is a special circle reserved in hell for the guy in the background that thinks this is so hilarious and is loudly cracking up.

Kid Gets and Xbox for Xmas...NOT!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Adrenaline Rush

Now this looks like fun. I always wanted to go skydiving and now I have something else to move towards. I like mountain hiking/climbing so that's not a problem for me either. Yeah, I can do this. Would you?

Check out this video: Speed Riding

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Are You Serious?!

Here is an article on the incident of the teacher who used two black students, girls, to demonstrate slavery conditions to a class. And another.
This was bought up yesterday in my American History class during a discussion about the country's current status. This is just absolutely retarded, however, reading Free Speech's opinion on of the incident, I'm not as upset as I was because he makes some very valid points. BUT this teacher needs to be seriously reprimanded and disciplined in some way. I would like to believe the teacher had the best of intentions of educating the students but I just can't. This was either a serious lack of proper judgment or something very sinister. Based on the article, the teacher is only sorry one of the girl's was upset, NOT at what she did to upset her, which leans me more toward sinister. If the teacher had used at least one white student, since it was only an educational demonstration, then I wouldn't be as upset. But, just because the slaves of the american past were African, this teacher goes out of their way to pick two black kids? And both of them girls?! Ultimately, though, the ethnicity of the girls is secondary to the fact that the teacher actually physically bound two students and had them crawl around. And it doesn't matter that one of the girls volunteered either. You don't do that.

Also, the fact that these were young children exacerbates the situation. Unfortunately, most decent, law abiding parents tell their children to listen and obey when any adult tells them to do something. Well, this is how situations like this happen and how pedophiles are able to take advantage of children. My father NEVER EVER told my brother and I to blindly obey anyone, especially strangers, which is what teacher's are essentially. Even at the age of these girls this would have never happened to me or my brother, but, we were taught different. Better. Taught to think for ourselves from a very early age and to defend our position as long as we knew we were right or what someone, anyone was telling us was wrong.

If this teacher honestly doesn't see anything wrong with what she did she does not need to be teaching young children anymore, period.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Strange art inspiration

This guy uses genitalia as his starting points but ends up with some good stuff. May be a bit of a perv but he's definitely got talent.

Not exactly what you think - very funny - video powered by Metacafe

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More things that make me different than you

I just had to do an addition to the previous post. Some of these were my original thoughts but when I sat down to do the first one I actually drew a blank, so I had to come up with others. Here's more.

11. I'm shy as hell! Most of my friends would be like, "You ain't shy at all!" That's true mostly 'cause I'm comfortable around them, so I don't give a fuck about anything. However, I am shy when it comes to women I find attractive. I don't have a problem talking to a woman once I've been introduced to them but I usually don't take the initiative to introduce myself. And once introduced I'll hold a conversation but I don't initiate anything beyond. There are rare exceptions though. On rare occasions I do chase, as a very few women can attest to but that's not my normal modus operandi.

12. I can drink. A LOT! I was eighteen the very first time I got plastered drunk. I'll never forget that. My Mom got me drunk, too! I was working at the same club as she was and it was my last day working there before I left for the Air Force. Man! I had a taste for white russians at the time, so, my mom made me a BIG one. I had a white russian in a tall glass, three shots of Cuervo Gold tequila, and three Newports. I was DONE! I'm a small guy but I can drink. I've impressed people with how much I can handle and keep going.

13. I keep secrets forever or until relieved of the obligation. For some reason people sense, know, and understand that I am very trustworthy and like to tell me secrets. I've been told so many in my life I've forgotten many of them. That's how long I hold on to them.

14. I'm an excellent mediator for others. I have the ability to meld logic with emotion and people listen. Can't do the shit for myself, though.

15. All I've ever wanted since I was a kid was to have a family. Wife, children, house. That was always my goal for being an adult. The means to maintain these things, job/career, was secondary. I thought this up way before I ever saw The Cosby Show, too.

16. I still love every girlfriend I've ever had. Nothing fanatical, just, for me, love does not diminish. Love is a very real thing to me and once felt and given it always remains. I'm talking about since early childhood, too. I realized and understood my attraction to the opposite sex at a very early age. My very first girlfriend was when I was around 4 or 5 years old. Her name was Kenti. We were in a private school, Mwamko Wa Siasa Shule(I think that's how it was spelled). We were so tight that kids in the higher grades above us threw us a wedding. How crazy is that? We were together pretty much from the time the school began to the time it ended, which was a couple of years. Some real marriages don't last that long. I've ALWAYS taken my relationships with women seriously.

17. I have never had a one night stand. It seems just about everyone I know has and they always find it weird that I haven't. Interestingly no one has ever not believed me. I still wonder what that says about me.

I just might do more but I think I've told enough. We'll see.


Wow. David hates shit like this (coincidences) but I gotta do it because he JUST blogged about it. I've been planning on doing a post on The Cosby Show for a couple of days now. I bought the 25th Anniversary Box set of the whole season last Friday. I've been watching it pretty much ever since and was constantly reminded of why it is the BEST show there ever was on american television. There has never been a more balanced american family on american television, period. Interesting how our tastes coincide considering the title of his post. Naturally, I had to copy the scene he used to illustrate the brilliance of the show because it is one of the most memorable scenes in the history of the show. Whenever I think of the show I get a mental picture of Phylicia Rashad as Claire Huxtable(I did a post on this previously) and the scene below. Yeah, I just finished the first season and started the second and am amazed, yet not surprised in the least, at how well the show stands up to the test of time and how great it was and still is. This was the only show my brother and I were really allowed to watch as we ate dinner when we were young.

And one little note. Bill Cosby did this show to show a good, decent, and loving american family not a Black family. It just so happened that the family happened to be Black. This was so needed at the time and, sad to say, still is. As an end I'd like to say thanks to Bill Cosby and all of the cast and crew who worked on the show on it's run.

Oh yeah, unlike David I had a HUGE crush on Lisa Bonet from the time this show first aired. Smokin' Hot don't begin to cover that woman. Dayum! indeed.

Of course, at the time this particular show aired I didn't realize how sexually charged this Ray Charles song was until I got older and especially after I saw the biographical film starring Jamie Foxx. However it is also a very loving song as well, which is why I'm sure Bill used the song. Plus it's a GREAT song. Bill Cosby had/has BALLS for doing this, but he had balls for doing the show period. I say thanks again!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Different From You - Relly Version

My man David did a rather interesting post on his blog in which he put up some interesting info about himself. And though we know each other very, very well, I did learn something about him. So, I figured I'd do the same, hence "Relly version" in the title, and see who I surprise or just intrigue a bit. If you don't have a blog of your own and want to participate, just put it in my comments (or whatever page you have, like myspace or facebook, and leave a link in the comments). Heeeeere we go:

1. I am constantly thinking evil thoughts. Like ALL the time. Example: If I happen to be standing behind you I'm most likely thinking of how easy it would be to reach out and break your neck. Shit like that. I know fighters/martial artists normally size people up as potential adversaries as a matter of training but this is different. And it doesnt' matter if you're a stranger or someone I hold close, can't stop the thoughts from runnin'.

2. This is no surprise but I have a bad temper. As I've grown into a rational adult I've learned how to check my temper but it is a constant battle for me.

3. Coinciding with #2, I have no patience whatsoever, especially when it comes to dumb shit and blatant stupidity. Can't stand stupid shit. I've been working on this for years with minor results. Very low tolerance for idiots and idiotic behavior.

4. I love to take pictures. I love to pose and play in front of the camera, especially with friends, but I really don't like to see myself in the damn pictures. The only time I liked seeing myself in pictures was when I was a little kid, love those, and all the pictures I ever took with Veronica. It's not that I don't think that I look good, I know I do, I just don't like to see pictures of myself.

5. This one everyone should know and is for those who don't: I HATE BUGS! Especially roaches. Specifically, especially waterbugs, the BIG roaches. I have damn phobia of those things. I had a friend tell me once that I shouldn't tell people about that particular weakness because someone might use it against me in some way or play a practical joke or something. My reply, "I want people to know so if they were to do something so phenomenally stupid as to play a joke on me they'd know why they woke up in the hospital." For real, no rubber bugs or nothing. I WILL seriously fuck you up.

6.I really do long for a feudal type of society. I love modern technology and all but sometimes some people just need to be shot or cut down with a master stroke of a sword. (I think points 1-3 are showing here a bit.) There needs to be some type of blend of the old ways of justice and modern society.

7. I absolutely hate bad grammar. I hate making grammatical mistakes in my writing and really hate reading them. And don't get me started on spoken or written slang. My particular pet peeve is people mixing up 'there' and 'their'. I hate that! Don't think I've seen anyone use 'they're' in place of either of the other two but I know it's coming and it's going to piss me off. I know english is an evil language but damnit if you're going to speak it and write it, LEARN IT FIRST!!!! Shit, they begin teaching it in elementary school. Really, you begin learning it at home but the technicalities are learned in school. Pay attention! I know I need some work myself, as far as punctuation, but I'm talking about blatant shit. I love an intelligent play on words but 'their' and 'there' are NOT interchangeable! (If you think this is petty I really don't give a shit. Which leads right into #8.)

8. I honestly don't give a shit what people think about me. I know some people say it but don't really mean it. I mean it. Your opinion of me is yours. It affects me not in the least. I'm not saying never and no one but in general, 99.9% of the time, yeah, I could care less what anyone thinks of me. I only ever let one person's opinion of me truly affect me. Veronica.

9. I'm really, really cool with life. After the accident with my eye and surviving the car accident I was in, me and life are cool. The accident with my eye was a freak accident and therefore I could have been blinded in both eyes. I have one good one and I still have perfect vision in it so cool. I saw my car after I left the hospital after waking up two days later. The front of it looked like an accordian squeezed shut and my airbag didn't deploy. A few cuts and bruises, a broken left clavicle, and some head trauma (to this day I have know recollection whatsoever of the accident. Know memory) and I still walked out of the hospital. I was unconscious for two and a half days but I woke up. Minor injuries and I can still walk and see and use both my arms, and aside from the memory block of the accident all my mind is still mine and works. I know for a fact it could be worse. I'm not worried about shit!

10. I worry about the people I care about constantly. This is not contradictory to #9. #9 applies to me, I don't worry about myself. I always tell my friends, I'ma be all right. I don't tell them that I worry about them.

I could go on but David started this with 10 so I'll limit it to that for this post. I probably revealed more than I needed to, but that's me. I might do a part 2. Let me know. HOLLA!