Thursday, December 4, 2008

More things that make me different than you

I just had to do an addition to the previous post. Some of these were my original thoughts but when I sat down to do the first one I actually drew a blank, so I had to come up with others. Here's more.

11. I'm shy as hell! Most of my friends would be like, "You ain't shy at all!" That's true mostly 'cause I'm comfortable around them, so I don't give a fuck about anything. However, I am shy when it comes to women I find attractive. I don't have a problem talking to a woman once I've been introduced to them but I usually don't take the initiative to introduce myself. And once introduced I'll hold a conversation but I don't initiate anything beyond. There are rare exceptions though. On rare occasions I do chase, as a very few women can attest to but that's not my normal modus operandi.

12. I can drink. A LOT! I was eighteen the very first time I got plastered drunk. I'll never forget that. My Mom got me drunk, too! I was working at the same club as she was and it was my last day working there before I left for the Air Force. Man! I had a taste for white russians at the time, so, my mom made me a BIG one. I had a white russian in a tall glass, three shots of Cuervo Gold tequila, and three Newports. I was DONE! I'm a small guy but I can drink. I've impressed people with how much I can handle and keep going.

13. I keep secrets forever or until relieved of the obligation. For some reason people sense, know, and understand that I am very trustworthy and like to tell me secrets. I've been told so many in my life I've forgotten many of them. That's how long I hold on to them.

14. I'm an excellent mediator for others. I have the ability to meld logic with emotion and people listen. Can't do the shit for myself, though.

15. All I've ever wanted since I was a kid was to have a family. Wife, children, house. That was always my goal for being an adult. The means to maintain these things, job/career, was secondary. I thought this up way before I ever saw The Cosby Show, too.

16. I still love every girlfriend I've ever had. Nothing fanatical, just, for me, love does not diminish. Love is a very real thing to me and once felt and given it always remains. I'm talking about since early childhood, too. I realized and understood my attraction to the opposite sex at a very early age. My very first girlfriend was when I was around 4 or 5 years old. Her name was Kenti. We were in a private school, Mwamko Wa Siasa Shule(I think that's how it was spelled). We were so tight that kids in the higher grades above us threw us a wedding. How crazy is that? We were together pretty much from the time the school began to the time it ended, which was a couple of years. Some real marriages don't last that long. I've ALWAYS taken my relationships with women seriously.

17. I have never had a one night stand. It seems just about everyone I know has and they always find it weird that I haven't. Interestingly no one has ever not believed me. I still wonder what that says about me.

I just might do more but I think I've told enough. We'll see.

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