Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Different From You - Relly Version

My man David did a rather interesting post on his blog in which he put up some interesting info about himself. And though we know each other very, very well, I did learn something about him. So, I figured I'd do the same, hence "Relly version" in the title, and see who I surprise or just intrigue a bit. If you don't have a blog of your own and want to participate, just put it in my comments (or whatever page you have, like myspace or facebook, and leave a link in the comments). Heeeeere we go:

1. I am constantly thinking evil thoughts. Like ALL the time. Example: If I happen to be standing behind you I'm most likely thinking of how easy it would be to reach out and break your neck. Shit like that. I know fighters/martial artists normally size people up as potential adversaries as a matter of training but this is different. And it doesnt' matter if you're a stranger or someone I hold close, can't stop the thoughts from runnin'.

2. This is no surprise but I have a bad temper. As I've grown into a rational adult I've learned how to check my temper but it is a constant battle for me.

3. Coinciding with #2, I have no patience whatsoever, especially when it comes to dumb shit and blatant stupidity. Can't stand stupid shit. I've been working on this for years with minor results. Very low tolerance for idiots and idiotic behavior.

4. I love to take pictures. I love to pose and play in front of the camera, especially with friends, but I really don't like to see myself in the damn pictures. The only time I liked seeing myself in pictures was when I was a little kid, love those, and all the pictures I ever took with Veronica. It's not that I don't think that I look good, I know I do, I just don't like to see pictures of myself.

5. This one everyone should know and is for those who don't: I HATE BUGS! Especially roaches. Specifically, especially waterbugs, the BIG roaches. I have damn phobia of those things. I had a friend tell me once that I shouldn't tell people about that particular weakness because someone might use it against me in some way or play a practical joke or something. My reply, "I want people to know so if they were to do something so phenomenally stupid as to play a joke on me they'd know why they woke up in the hospital." For real, no rubber bugs or nothing. I WILL seriously fuck you up.

6.I really do long for a feudal type of society. I love modern technology and all but sometimes some people just need to be shot or cut down with a master stroke of a sword. (I think points 1-3 are showing here a bit.) There needs to be some type of blend of the old ways of justice and modern society.

7. I absolutely hate bad grammar. I hate making grammatical mistakes in my writing and really hate reading them. And don't get me started on spoken or written slang. My particular pet peeve is people mixing up 'there' and 'their'. I hate that! Don't think I've seen anyone use 'they're' in place of either of the other two but I know it's coming and it's going to piss me off. I know english is an evil language but damnit if you're going to speak it and write it, LEARN IT FIRST!!!! Shit, they begin teaching it in elementary school. Really, you begin learning it at home but the technicalities are learned in school. Pay attention! I know I need some work myself, as far as punctuation, but I'm talking about blatant shit. I love an intelligent play on words but 'their' and 'there' are NOT interchangeable! (If you think this is petty I really don't give a shit. Which leads right into #8.)

8. I honestly don't give a shit what people think about me. I know some people say it but don't really mean it. I mean it. Your opinion of me is yours. It affects me not in the least. I'm not saying never and no one but in general, 99.9% of the time, yeah, I could care less what anyone thinks of me. I only ever let one person's opinion of me truly affect me. Veronica.

9. I'm really, really cool with life. After the accident with my eye and surviving the car accident I was in, me and life are cool. The accident with my eye was a freak accident and therefore I could have been blinded in both eyes. I have one good one and I still have perfect vision in it so cool. I saw my car after I left the hospital after waking up two days later. The front of it looked like an accordian squeezed shut and my airbag didn't deploy. A few cuts and bruises, a broken left clavicle, and some head trauma (to this day I have know recollection whatsoever of the accident. Know memory) and I still walked out of the hospital. I was unconscious for two and a half days but I woke up. Minor injuries and I can still walk and see and use both my arms, and aside from the memory block of the accident all my mind is still mine and works. I know for a fact it could be worse. I'm not worried about shit!

10. I worry about the people I care about constantly. This is not contradictory to #9. #9 applies to me, I don't worry about myself. I always tell my friends, I'ma be all right. I don't tell them that I worry about them.

I could go on but David started this with 10 so I'll limit it to that for this post. I probably revealed more than I needed to, but that's me. I might do a part 2. Let me know. HOLLA!


  1. I knew about the bugs, of course.

    And I didn't know about the temper thing until I saw the hole in your wall when I went to visit you in Cali back in 2001. :)

    But I didn't know you still don't remember the accident. I wonder what really happened? It's a miracle you made it out alive without the airbag. Something's looking out for you!

  2. I always figured you knew about my temper. I guess I learned to tamp it down earlier than I thought. Of course, #8 is why I let my temper out of the bag and you got to see that hole in the wall. That's very, very rare.