Saturday, September 13, 2008

Veronica Pt.1

(H.S. pic)

I miss her. Terribly. Remembering 9/11 from reading my man Dave's Blog, I naturally thought of V. We were together when the sad events of that day transpired. My thoughts always in some way return to Veronica. Not always do those thoughts bring tears. At least not anymore. Except they did this early, early morning. Maybe it's just because I'm tired or I'm just really missing her. (It AIN'T because of 9/11. That no longer holds really strong emotions for me. Everyone I personally knew was safe. Aside from the fact that NY is home, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.) But, Veronica. I still hold really strong emotions for Veronica. She died of complications with her sickle cell anemia. She passed to her new path last year, May 27. (Damn, I didn't want to cry while writing this!) I met V in 1998. I had been in Southern Cali for almost a year. I worked with her sister, J (who was/still is Hella FINE!), and actually asked J out. We went on a date. Blow to my ego, taking her back home, she informed me I was a bit too young for her (guess she realized I was mature enough to handle that info right away, which I was and did)but I would be perfect for her little sister Veronica. I realize now, all these years later, that most peoples reactions would have been negative, at least in their heads. Like, YEAH RIGHT, THANKS! But I didn't. We'd really talked to each other and vibed so well, just like she felt comfortable letting me down in MY car, right after OUR date, I trusted she wouldn't hook me up if she didn't think it would work. Plus, she told me her sister looked like her. And she wasn't lying. I actually thought, upon meeting my lady love, she looks BETTER than J, which was, of course, MY good fortune. But I'm getting ahead of myself. So, I think it was like a week later I met V at her sister's house. Well, we had talked on the phone a few times before we met. J gave her my number and told her to call me. Anyways, I get to J's house and I meet the woman my heart always belonged to. Little did I know that this night would be the first of many firsts for V. I'm old school, gentleman, courting style,so, naturally, I bring a rose for my date. No one had EVER bought her flowers before. SO, LIKE, I'm really ahead of the game before I even get started right. (I did not know this info until much later. J purposely did not tell me much about her sister so that our possible union would be true and not prevaricated in any way. She just set us up and that's it.I still love her for that!) Basically from that first date until a few years later Veronica and I were inseparable. I'm pretty sure it was only like a week after that first date that she was packing overnight bags and staying at my place most nights. Three months after that first date she moved in with me. I'ma end this post here 'cause I'm gotta go. I won't break this up into too many parts, though. Didn't mean to in the first place but sometime the tale writes itself the way it want. Haven't written about this in a while. Guess it needs to come out longer and clearer. More later. I MISS HER.

(We took this not long after we were together. Just came back from a Renaissance Faire. We looked so good together. I'll post more pics of us, you'll see.)

(Her first modeling comp. card. I added the text at the bottom at her passing.)

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  1. I never really heard the story of how you both met, just bits and pieces. Fist thing I knew of Veronica was when you said she was staying over at your place. I was thinking, wow, that was FAST!

    Good memories to share. Thanks for writing that.