Saturday, September 13, 2008

Damn, damn, DAMN!!!

This is one of the FINEST women film has ever seen. Cameras have rarely captured such a beautiful representation of femininity. My eyes absolutely LOVE to watch this woman, whether the image is moving (film) or still (photograph). I've been infatuated with this woman ever since I first saw her as the housekeeper "Carmen", on an old HBO sitcom, Dream On. That show was rather hilarious, but the episode that this woman was in hooked me on her for life. And I've liked pretty much every project I've seen her in. Much more than a pretty face and SUPERB!!!! BODY, she produces and directs her own projects as well as projects for others. Like Prince's video for the song Te Amo Corazon. This woman is in her forties and is STILL finer than 99% of the women in the film industry today! Simply beautiful. My public announcement of a crushh on the one and only Salma Hayek!!

DAMN she's FINE!!!!

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