Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting around

Hello kiddies!!!!!!(said in the voice of the crypt keeper!) Well, I bought a skateboard today as part of my efforts to get around faster. The idea sparked when I realized how busy my life was getting in the last two months and how much walking I was doing. I'm all for being physically fit, and I am more than your average person, but jeez! It wasn't like I did a gradual transition. I went from hermetical lazy bones to Mr. Bizzee!!! Now, I love to rollerblade. I have a rather decent pair. A bit old but fully functional. The problem is, they're not very portable. And you really can't ride the bus with them on. I do live in NYC. SO, I began looking for a pair of 'blades where the wheel assembly could snap on and off. And when off the footwear looks regular and not like you have fuckin' spaceboots on. I had actually seen someone with these so I knew they existed. However, as I searched, and searched, AND SEARCHED, I finally found out that those cool converter blades I saw were no longer made. FUCK!!! I really liked the way those things looked, too. There is one company that makes detachable blades but it still looks like you'd be wearing spaceboots, so, no fuckin' thank you. SO, since I couldn't have what I wanted, downgrade to the next best thing. Skateboard. Been a LONG time since I rode a 'board. I gotta get used to this shit again. I didn't fall. YET! (I know it's coming!) But I have stumbled a few times. It takes a quite a bit more effort than 'blades. Still faster than walking though. Got a cheap one. Has decent bearings, ABEC-3's, but I'm going to upgrade those puppies as soon as possible so I get a bit more range out of my efforts. Shit, I have ABEC-5's on my 'blades and I coast with those. But those are a couple of years old. They have so many new and improved bearings now it's staggering. I want to get these ceramic bearings called Bones. Bones is actualy the company name, but I think they were the first with the ceramics so naturally the name sticks to all that follow. Anyways, Bones' bearings don't use the ABEC rating system but they're pretty much superior to most all others out there. Probably too much for me to handle but that's okay. I'll deal as long as I can go faster, longer with the same energy. I'd still prefer to rollerblade though.

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