Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A gift I possess

I have a very special gift. I do NOT abuse this gift. It is rare and to be treated with the utmost respect. And I'm really, really honored that my higher power has chosen me to harness this particular gift. Oh yeah, the gift: I have an uncanny rapport with very young children. Especially little girls. See why I wrote that second sentence. Every once in a while, actually quite often, I am reminded of my gift. Mostly because I live in a big city and always, always, always find some child, usually a little girl, blatantly STARING at me. Never fails, wherever I go. Specific reminder of my gift: Yesterday morning I'm going down the stairs into the subway after work. There's this lady going up carrying a stroller with a baby in it. Her very young daughter is climbing the stairs by herself. Very, very slowly. She couldn't have been more than four. I'd bet money that little girl was only like barely three. Her mom is at the top and she's barely halfway up. There's another lady waiting to go up because she has a stroller, too, and can't go around the little girl. Now my natural instinct is to help. How? Well, pick the kid up and carry her swiftly to her mother. However, like I mentioned, I do NOT abuse my gift. I realize children are people and deserve to be treated as such. So, instead of touching the little lady, I look up at her mother and as she puts down her load, I ask her if she'd like me to carry her daughter up to her. She replies, "If she'll let you," which I, of course, thought was a wonderful response. So I bend over so the little one can see my face and I quickly ask her if she'd like me to carry her up to her mother. Without a moments hesitation at all she replies, "yes," while simultaneously nodding her head. SO, I put my hands under her arms and lift her quickly to her waiting mother, who is standing there eyes wide, open mouthed, in surprise and mild shock. As I put the child down with a quick, "There you go," her mother says, "She never lets ANYONE touch her." I just smile, give them a wave and head back down on my merry way. That shit made my day. Confirmed my gift is still in full effect. That is not the first time a parent has said those words, or a variant thereof, to me. I've heard that more times than I can count. Children like me. That's good. Most of them have a more than decent sense of people and act accordingly. Usually. My favorite memory of my gift (this current one is in my top five right now) was right after I got to my first base when I was in the military. Guy I had just met in my office, Arturo, takes it upon himself to show me around and basically take me under his wing (I realize my gift applies to adults to). It was only my second day there and he brings me to his house for dinner. (Just met me!) He had a wonderful wife and two of the most beautiful and fun kids I had ever met, Arielle and Aric. They were little. I think Arielle was like maybe three or almost four and Aric was barely one. From the moment I walk in the door his kids and I are playing like I've known them all of their young lives. Not only that but they listen to me when I tell them to do or stop doing something. Now, me being who I am, didn't think anything of it. Was just natural for me. Arturo and his wife on the other hand had been watching in AMAZEMENT the whole time I was there. Art told me the next day at work that he had NEVER seen his children react to ANYONE like that before. EVER! There was a friend of Art's that worked in the same office that did know his kids their whole lives and it took a long time for them to get used to him! And because he was their father's friend they called him uncle. But it took a long time. With me it was instantaneous. That was the first time I realized that I had a real gift. I always was aware of it but just not as a gift until Arturo spoke with me. Naturally I do not tolerate anyone treating children bad at all. All pedophiles need to be executed and removed from the gene pool. Period. I'm not god or judge, jury, executioner but that's something that's just plain evil. I actually wrote an essay about that for an english class. Maybe I'll post it. Harm a kid in my presence and it might be a real problem! I take my gift VERY seriously!

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