Monday, September 8, 2008

The Madd Face Invasion

I'ma just say this straight: I AM AN ONYX FAN!!! PERIOD!!! When the west coast was smashin' erething in rap in the early '90's they was the FIRST cats that held down the hard core side of rap on the east coast. I know Naughty By Nature was out first, and I was and still am a huge fan of theirs, and The Wu-Tang Clan dropped the same year as Onyx but Onyx were just HARD and I have been hooked ever since. Bacdafucup is a mothafuckin' HIP HOP CLASSIC! PERIOD! And if you really listen to their second LP, All We Got Iz Us, you can see these dudes was trying to spark a damn revolution. Like the one Gil Scott Heron said would not be televised. Yeah, that kind. You gotta really listen to that album. Another CLASSIC! And Shut 'Em Down is just the shit. The title track is STILL one of the hardest and tightest tracks ever put on wax. And to show you what good dudes they are as far as Hip Hop is concerned, on that 3rd album they gave two little known but up and comming rappers a chance. DMX and 50 Cent. I'm an X fan but he never really gave Onyx any love publicly after he blew the fuck up. Same with fiddy. And it's not like Onyx just let them get on the track, no! They let these dudes get shine in the VIDEO as well. Who the fuck does that now?! Who did that then?! And they never got NO LOVE back from these dudes once they became successful themselves. To this day they still remain good dudes, helping up and coming artists. I think it is a shame and really, really fucked up how Onyx is rarely mentioned in the history of Hip Hop music we call rap. You know every one talks about the early nineties as the era of the west coast take over and that's true. However, people always seem to remember to mention the Wu-Tang Clan and sometimes Naughty. But no one EVER mentions Onyx. And that is some BULLSHIT!!! Like P.E. these dudes is STILL doing they thing. Still recording and releasing albums. And I'ma always be down for the U.S.G. Onyx. True originators. SHIFTEE, LOW DOWN GRITTY AND GRIMY!!!!!!!


  1. You know they were good if even *I* like Onyx! I never listened to WC rap in the early 90s -- but I did listen to Onyx and Wu-Tang. To me, those two groups *are* the early and mid 90s. Was never really into Naughty for some reason, tho.

  2. That's my WORD! I never listened to WC rap either. Couldn't stand that shit. Now that I'm a bit older I appreciate what they did back then, the social aspects, but I still ain't a fan. I do like Ice Cube though. He was the main lyricist behind NWA anyway. And Cypress Hill. I thought they were from the east coast when they first dropped. But yeah, Onyx and Wu are my main crews.