Saturday, September 6, 2008

Zombie moment

Ever been so tired you did something just completely stupid? The other day I'm getting off of work, I work nights, and go down into the subway to go home. Well, I live in NYC and to ride you need a metro card, which I have. I have an unlimited monthly, which means, quite obviously, that I can ride for a month straight as many times as I want anywhere I want that NYCMTA public transportation can take me. Now the subway have these neat little turnstiles which you need to swipe your handy little metro card through in order to gain access to ride the train. WELL, I was SO tired I quite mechanically descended the stairs into the station and proceeded to just walk through the turnstile without my metro card, which you cannot do, and if you persist can actually get arrested for. Anyways, as my waist banged against the unyielding turnstile bar for a very, very split second I wondered what the fuck was wrong with this damn machine. The very next split second I realized I did not swipe my metro card. It wasn't even in my hand. I never even attempted to extract it from my wallet, which is what I usually, mechanically, do at the bottom of the stairs. Really, really tired was I. Zombie moment. I've had quite a few of those in these three decades of mine. (I ain't old, forget you!) Any of you had a zombie moment?

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