Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Conquer, conquer, conquer

This article explores the act of a multinational conglomerate of mostly european countries and companies using solar energy generated and stored in Africa and sending that energy to various plasces in europe. It was mentioned that the local African areas where the solar plants would be would be direct beneficiaries of the project. Riiiiight. Of course they would for a while at least, in the beginning. I'm all for believing that people, and by extension governments, can change for the better. However, a qoute from the article, by Agatha Koprowski, kind of sums up what I've come to believe based on what I've learned about our world's history:

“Europeans covet Africa’s wealth of natural resources,” she continued, “so they make economic investments for the benefit of Europeans and the detriment of Africans.”

Can anyone look at the history of europe and Africa and deny this is true? Honestly? I truly think not. Believe me, I'd LOVE to believe this project was truly what the people backing it say it is, but history, and not distant history either, doesn't support that belief. But one can hope. This next quote, by Gerhard Knies, does not fill me with a lot of hope though:

“I think they overlook the positive side of this interdependence, which creates win-win situations for the participating sides,” he said. “And that is how neighbors become friends.”

Europeans have been using that neighbors and friends bullshit for centuries and look how well it turned out for the natives of the america's, especially north america, and the many African countries all fucked up by colonialism. Oh, and don't forget almost every small island full of brown skinned people they ever landed on.

I don't mean to sound bitter or angry, but really, what do these people behind this Desertec project expect. Underhanded business has been the european stock in trade and modus operandi for it's entire existence.

And yet, I truly do hope they pull this off and it's beneficial to everyone involved and affected by the project. History is history and it's done but we learn it to be wary of what not to do or fall for. Hopefully the African countries entering in this know their history.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Graduations and other things

Well it's coming into the beginning of summer time. Kids are graduating school and school is out for everyone. I have been rather directly personally touched by the graduation season for I have a nephew and a niece that have graduated. My nephew, Christopher, who is a blood relative, my big brother's son, graduated Jr. High school and will be starting High School come the new school year. That is so cool to me because I so vividly remember when he was born. I was in basic training in the U.S. Air Force in Jan. of '95 and I received the most wonderful card in the mail and a picture from my brother. Christopher Childs, his son my nephew, was born! I was an UNCLE for the first time. That was so cool. Basic was already not too heavy a situation for me and that just made it that much easier. So, yeah, he's much bigger now (obviously:-)) and on his way. Can't wait for his H.S. graduation in four years. It may be sooner 'cause that kid is SMART! He's like me a bit, he reads A LOT! I think that's kind of cool ;-).

Then there's my niece Tyler. Tyler is not a blood relative, yet I refer to her as my niece because her aunt Veronica was the love of my life, and I've known Tyler since she was about seven. I've written about Veronica several times, here, here, and here. Well, while V was alive and we were together in Cali. I was warmly and openly accepted by her family as one of the family. Even after we split up they always held me close as one of them. When she died and I ran to Cali for her life celebration ceremony I was unsure of where to be: family was on one side of the room and everyone else on the other. One of her aunts, who I must of only met two or three times, remembered me, and grabbed me by my hand and told me, "You're with us. You're family." I cannot express here how good that made me feel (damn, I'm crying :-)) during a time when I was feeling like my world collapsed. Anyways, I've always remained close and in contact with the family so it's cool. Besides, Tyler's mom Jocelyn, was a friend first. She introduced me to her sister Veronica. Back to Tyler. Well, she graduated High School this past Thursday. (Yeah, her school was late with it.) She has grown into such a beautiful and wonderful young lady. It was so fascinating to see the child who used to frustrate my nerves sometimes, when V and I babysat, in the face of this intelligent and beautiful young woman. I am so proud of her. She is going to college. I'm not sure of her major because she's not sure but she is thinking about engineering, which I hope she does 'cause that would be great. So few females in that career field. And it's also a career field that has not been bleeding jobs like everything else. I'm so proud of her!

I had to travel down to northern VA, cause that's where J and Tyler live now. It was a cool trip. I like Amtrak better than Greyhound. No problems getting there. My train was almost two hours late on the way back to NY though. I'm so glad I went. I had know idea how much I missed my Holloway family. It was weird sitting in J's living room and everyone was just lounging on the couch. It's a huge couch. I had to take a video of it. I'll post those up later. But, man, did I miss Veronica while sitting there with so much of her family around me. I wonder if I remind them of her as much as they remind me of her. More than usual I mean. Anyway, I had a great weekend. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a lucky individual! I try to remember that as much as possible. What's good in your life? Remember to hold it close and cherish it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who I is!

Interesting. I can live with being Mr. Benford. He is definitely a well respected author and and excellent writer/storyteller. Plus he's a real life, bonafide scientist! How cool is that! See which SF writer YOU are.

I am:
Gregory Benford
A master literary stylist who is also a working scientist.

Which science fiction writer are you?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

More stupidness from people I work with.

Some people are just morons. One thing I failed to mention in my video was the fact that someone went into something that wasn't theirs in the first damn place! Why are you opening something that doesn't belong to you? It's not on your desk. You didn't buy it or bring it in. Why are you even touching it? Some people are so simple.