Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Famous people

I was wondering how often regular everyday people come across "famous" people, those considered celebrities or at least have jobs in the public arena, ie: actors and musicians. You always hear about people running into somebody famous out in Hollyhood, CA. And every once in a while you'll hear about someone running into a celebrity here in NY, a rather famous place for actors still, I think. Broadway is not dead yet, despite Disney's efforts to drive all semblance of serious theater out of the place. Anyways, I had my own experience of running into an actor some months ago. I was riding the train, I believe it was the 1, to go see my VA rep. I look up from the book I'm reading and see this older white guy standing by the door that leads between the cars. I look away but I know I recognized him. When I realize who he is, I'm like really stoked inside because I've always liked the work I've seen him do onscreen. However, I COULDN'T REMEMBER HIS FREAKIN' NAME!!!! But I can't let that stop me from at least acknowledging him. I always told myself I would never be a rabid fanatic if I ever met someone "famous" whose work I admired and I'm proud to say I conducted myself rather calmly. I approached him and, because I couldn't remember his freakin' name at that time, said, "I know you. You're an actor. I really like your work." He gives me a slight smile and says, "Thank you," rather quietly. I ask him if he likes poetry and he says, "some", so, I hand him my card and tell him I have a book of poetry published and he should check it out. He again says, "Thank you," and I say, "It was a pleasure to meet you," then I sit back down without another word. I then notice that he looks a bit, not haggard, but unglamorous. Yes, I know, he's not on set and all celebrities aren't always done up. What I really mean is that he seemed like he was dealing with something really personal that he was keeping under straining wraps. But that could be my overactive imagination. He might've just been playing low key 'cause he was riding the damn NYC subway. Right before I reach my stop, I remember his first name is David but the surname won't come to me for anything! What's really funny is when I got off another guy, a young black guy, got off too and he asked me, "That guy was a actor or something right?" I said , "Yeah," and he was like, "I knew it!" I wonder how many other people noticed Mr. David Morse traveling among them on the NY streets that day. I'd love the opportunity to run into him again. I highly doubt he bought my book but I expect that. I travel the NY streets all the time so I know that there's always people handing out shit that I just don't take seriously and usually don't even acknowledge. Anyway that was my only brush with Hollywood so far. And it was real down to earth. It would be cool if he did get my book though, huh? Figured I'd share. How about you? Ever run into a "celebrity"?

A Quick little Q&A meme

My spirit-brother, Ryodin, did this over on his blog, and left it open to those who wished to participate. So here I is...

1)Who is the favorite person in your family?
Well that would have to be my little sister, Kiara. I still remember the first time I was made aware of her existence. She was probably still smaller than the tip of my pinky. I went to visit my Mommie in the summer of '88. As we were driving along home, from Ma picking me up from the bus station, Ma says, "I have a surprise for you."
With a child's anticipation and exuberance I say, "Oh, yeah?! What is it?"
And my Mommie says, "I'm pregnant."
Me: "Oh." Now I wasn't crestfallen or disappointed but that must be how my reaction came off because Ma says, "Are you disappointed? You were expecting something else, huh?"
ME: "No. I wasn't really expecting anything and I'm not disappointed. I'm gonna have a little sister." I now have a huge smile on my face. I'd wanted a little sister for quite some time by this time so inside my mind I was STOKED!!!
Mommie: "Don't be disappointed if you have a little brother. I might have a boy."
Me: "I won't be disappointed because I'm gonna have a little sister." Long story short: I got my sister and I been in love with her ever since. And she's loved me back. She's going through her surly teenage into twenties years, so she don't talk to me as much as she used to but I know she still loves me. She also had a baby recently, so now I have a niece to spoil as well!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick?
I'd have to say Arizona right now. I lived there for two years, years ago. While I was there I couldn't wait to leave because it was SO different than what I was used to. I'm a NYcityboy!! Born and bred. I didn't know nothing about no desert! But I did like aspects of it while I was there and after I left I did miss it. Over the years it has been intruding on my thoughts more and more. I actually don't mind the desert heat. And I love mountain hiking out there. On the east coast you can sweat buckets standing still just because of the humidity but out west humidity is pretty much nil most of time. I miss it and wouldn't mind going back. I still have my AZ driver's license. It doesn't expire until I'm 65! Why in the hell would I get rid of that!

3) If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?
I assume this means alive and not the classic hypothetical alive or dead, so, I'll fall back on an old one and say author Alan Dean Foster. This man has traveled this globe several times over and continues to do so. He travels into some of the most remote places on this earth and makes friends, human or otherwise, wherever he goes. I think a conversation would be mostly one way 'cause I'd just ask a question and let him expound on it. The wealth of knowledge and experience he's accumulated is just awesome to even consider.

4) You get a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Well, my natural reaction is to, again, fall back on old wishes and say either New Zealand or Japan. New Zealand because of a wonderful book Alan in #3 wrote titled "Maori". And Japan because I love and am a middling student of Samurai culture and also a newly dedicated student of Aikido, a Japanese martial art. However, my true answer would be the West African Coast. I'd really like to move up and down the coast and see the ports and areas where some of my ancestors were
captured/stolen and sold from their HomeLand.

5) Have you ever dreamt your own death? How did you die, if so?
I've dreamt situations where I
should've died but I never actually dreamed my death before. I've been running for my life and actually shot in the head but I kept going. That was a weird dream. Never forget it. I was actually on the elevated train. Some guy I had been running from came onto the car I was on and shot me right in the head. And I mean a real shot. Not a bang and oh wow I'm okay but a BANG and I have a big ass HOLE in my head and a fucked up face. I actually got up and ran. The train stopped inbetween stations and I actually got off onto the walkway on the side of the tracks and ran until I came upon a utility pole near enough to jump to and climb down, then run down the street, the guy chasing me the whole way. The only thing I don't remember is the ending. I'll never forget that shot though. I'm amazed I didn't wake up because I've had less traumatic things happen in dreams actually cause a physical reaction that woke me up. One day I'd like to be hypnotized and have the hypnotist ask me what I really think about myself and record that shit. I don't think to many people are that brave.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that little foray into me. I don't have many followers here, so, if you stopped by to read leave a comment and if you like do your own and link it in my comments so I can check it out.