Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pluto Nash

I have to address this. I just watched Pluto Nash again and just like the first time I viewed it a few years ago I find it to be an excellent sci-fi film. I really, really don't see what peoples problem is with this film. The script was done very well and superbly delivered by the actors. Eddie Murphy is a master. PERIOD! He is still one of my favorite actors and he has more than proven himself. He created his own niche in the machine and he's comfortable there but he is far from stuck there. Also, I love Eddie for doing this film because it is the first truly sci-fi film that is told from a non-white pov. And if you've been paying attention, like I have, Eddie has been doing this his whole career. Yes, there are Black actors that have been doing it long before Eddie came along, and doing it well, but Eddie was next-gen. His role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop was a paradigm shift in hollywood. I remember that movie vividly and every time I see it is like the first time. It is still one of my favorite action films. Anyways, I just felt like publicly expressing a positive view of the film Pluto Nash.

You know what really sealed my admiration for this film, besides Eddie and Rosario Dawson's fine ass? It was Luis Guzman's character, Felix Laranga. Yo, this dude comes on screen in his moon rover blasting his Puerto Rican music, just jammin' like Puerto Rican cats do here on earth in modern times. I just thought that was so cool. It reminded me of a comedy skit that Eddie Griffin did. In the skit Eddie talks about how white people area all about going into space and they have this fantasy of leaving all of us non-white people here on earth. He said, "If ya'll go to the moon, then damnit, we goin' to the moon, too!"

But aside from liking this movie for ethnic reasons, I like it all around because it really is a well done sci-fi film, period. The dialog alone was too cool. How sci-fi is this:
"She got rich by making a whole basketball team by cloning one old guy."
"Oh yeah, the Air Jordans."

COME ON!!! How cool is that! Who, today, will not get the joke in that. And the movie was filled with cool lines like this, which is totally good sci-fi to me 'cause the setting wasn't far future. Anyways, I'd recommend The Adventures of Pluto Nash to anyone wanting to check out a sci-fi film for two reasons: It's good sci-fi and it's not lily white sci-fi which most sci-fi has been.

Take it how you want it but don't judge me if you don't know me.

Hello, I'm still around---I met a real man on Sunday

Hey ya'll. Haven't really felt like writing recently. I have a lot of stuff running around in my mind, Most of it is in the background but it still has an effect on the everyday goings ons. Anyways, I'd been wanting to write about what happened last Sunday morning when I got off of work, so here goes:

Well, I left work and get to the Delancey st. F train to begin my journey home. Well this particular day the uptown tracks were being worked on so I had to ride the downtown to Jay st in Brooklyn to ride the A up to the F or D. D is what gets me home. Well it took the downtown F a while to get to Delancey. It finally came and I got up from the bench to get on. I'm standing behind this guy as the train comes to a stop. I kind of shift forward a bit in anticipation of the doors opening and the guy turns and aggressively says, "Yo! Wait!"
I'm like, "What you talking about?"
"You bumped me! Don't be pushin'!"
"I didn't touch you, man."
"Yeah you did! Just chill the fuck out! For real, you better chill!"
"Whatever yo, I ain't touch you! You chill!"
So, this whole convo is going on as we are getting on the train. We going back and forth, adrenaline rising. He tell me to sit and I'm like I'll sit when I fuckin' feel like it. Now, I don't want to fight this dude but my natural personality is to reciprocate the energy I'm given. Plus I'm a native New York cat and we really just don't back down to naked aggression. But, I realize this is not the right course of action right now. He crosses to the side of the train I'm on and gets in the ready to fight position with his right hand half-cocked for a blow. So, I take the high road and say, "Look I ain't tryin' to fight you, dude." He's still agitated but he backs off, still talking shit for a minute or so. And just so you don't get it twisted I'm not afraid to fight , it's just not always the necessary thing to do all the time. SO, I sit down. I'm no longer making eye contact with this dude. And I'm smiling to myself 'cause I'm wondering if I didn't stop myself and deflate the situation, would I have been calm enough to apply what I've been learning in Aikido or would I have stabbed him in the neck with the knife I had my hand on the whole time (Note: Don't fuck with me. :-). Also, I realized that part of my big ass coat probably did touch him and I just didn't feel it but he still overreacted. Anyways, a few minutes goes by and I see him coming back over to my side of the train. He seems a bit calmer but after our recent exchange my hand slips back into my pocket. He sits in the seat in front of me. He looks me dead in the eye and says, "Yo man, I apologize. Really man, I'm sorry." Then he actually apologizes to everyone on the train car 'cause he had been rather loud. He turns back to me and proceeds to tell me that he's just having a bad morning, the train was mad late, etc. I'm like, "It's cool man. I understand. Everybody has bad days." Etc. He offers to buy me breakfast to make up for the minor altercation. At first I wasn't really going to go but we were getting off at the same stop and I could tell he genuinely felt bad about popping off like that, so I went up with him and we sat at Dunkin' Donuts, ate and talked. He was a good guy just having a bad morning. He told me to just hold on to that patience I had. He said, "I know it can't be easy dealing with ignorant niggas but just keep that patience." He actually bought one of my books. Naturally I signed it for him. I wrote, "Here's to avoiding negative energy. Glad I met you. Stay cool!" He got a laugh out of that. I hope he got something out of my book, if nothing else a few laughs.

The remarkable thing about this experience to me is that he actually apologized. Most dudes after poppin' off like that publicly wouldn't have the balls to apologize. I would, but I'm me. Most dudes who grew up in the streets, which I don't know his whole life story but I could tell he wasn't a stranger to them, never reach that level of maturity. I mean, from talking to him he's not in the streets now. He's holding down 2 jobs. I figure there's a real reason for that and that's what was probably stressing him so much. But yeah, it takes a real man to apologize, especially in those circumstances. His name was Justin.

So that was the beginning of the week, actually the end of a work week for me. Goes to show, you never know. I need to work on my initial reactions a bit, channel some Kwai Chang Kane energy. But I checked my shit in time and it worked out for the best and I probably have a new fan of my work, which is always good.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bayou: an online comic

If you like comic stories, check out Bayou. This has to be the first fantasy comic I've ever read that is told from a strictly Afican american point of view. It is slightly reminiscent of Pan's Labyrinth but it obviously touches me on a much more personal level. I'm mesmerized reading this. It's almost a shame it's free online, 'cause this I'd pay for. I've been wondering about the level of literature written by folks of African descent in america for a while now. Octavia Butler has left us with a master's worth of Master Works. I've loved Steven Barnes' writings since I was a teenager, I've recently been introduced to his wife, Tananarive Due's excellent works, Chris chambers, Nalo Hopkinson, Nnede MBachu Okorafor, and I've long been a fan of Walter Mosley (especially since he delved into sci-fi speculative fiction). Mosley's Future Land is still the best Speculative Fiction story that I have ever read. I've been introduced to and impressed with a host of other Black authors and this latest, especially in the form of a comic, is, to me, simply wonderful. I implore you to please check it out and actually take the time to read the comic, Bayou. I am very optimistic of the future my children will be a part of as far as literature is concerned. Having Black authors of Sci-fi and fantasy won't be a novelty or a "special" circumstance like it was for me. You have know idea and cannot imagine the level of personal pride and enjoyment I had when I first read, Steven Barnes' excellent story, Street Lethal. It was literally the first modern Specualtive Fiction novel I'd read that had a Protagonist that looked like me. To this day Aubry Knight is still my favorite literary character of all time. And to top it off Steven continued Aubry's story through two more books. A trilogy! Damn near unheard of. The last couple of years I've seen and read many Speculative Fiction stories by many Black authors. Octavia and Steve and Samuel Delaney have been blazing a trail by themselves for a long time but I think their damn near herculean efforts are slowly paying off. Soon I will join the pantheon of Speculative fiction story writers and novelists. I'd just like to say thanks to those who blazed the path. And R.I.P. to Octavia Butler. I hope to see you on the other side darlin'.

Now go check out Bayou.

The Black Crowes

Amorica has to be one of my favorite albums. The songwriting on this album is just awesome! Absolutely fuckin' AWESOME! Chris Robinson is one of the best songwriters I've ever listened to. I wasn't even planning to listen to this but as soon as it started playing I just had to let it play all the way through. I pretty much sing along to every single song on the album every time I listen to it. That is very very rare for me. An album that everysinglesongisgreat is so not common. This is one of the few and I love it. The Black Crowes is one of my favorite bands naturally and I have all of their albums all of which are great. I haven't really listened to the last album, Warpaint, that much but I have listened to it and I do like it. I haven't really listened to much music since I've gotten so busy in the last couple of months. I've been buying music but not immersing myself in it like I used to. But, yeah, Amorica is a great album. To me it's the best one they've done. The others are great, too, but I just connected on some very deep viscerally emotional level to Amorica at the time it came out. Needed to get that out.

Update: You know what? I'm now listening to the album By Your Side and singing along to it. I'm on the third song and just realized I've been singing along. I love the Black Crowes. I pretty much have the same reaction to all of their albums. Great music, Great songs.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Once again, we have an excellent parody of Barack Obama. This guy is too good. Check out the first one.

Tell me this wasn't well done and funny!

MY minor Quantum of Solace Review

I really, really don't see where people are having a problem with this movie. For those who are OLD and like the way the Bond films used to be done, GET OVER IT. Yes, for the first time in the Bond films they've done a real sequel. A story arc that continues from one movie to the next. For those stuck in the old Bond ways, welcome to the 21st century! I couldn't be happier. Now, I've read that there weren't any scenes of Bond dealing with the emotional aspects of Vesper's death in Casino Royale. My only question to people who say this is, "What the fuck movie were you watching?" 'Cause from what I was watching the whole damn movie, Quantum of Solace, was Bond dealing with the loss of Vesper! I mean, this is NOT a normal world and Bond is definitely NOT a "normal" individual, SO, he is not going to deal with the emotional loss of a loved one like the average person in the real world. If you're looking for a private break down of a man lost deep in the throes of loss go watch Magnolia or some other drama. THIS IS BOND!!! WE DO NOT DO GIRLIE-MAN SHIT!!!! I'm all for emotion in films, as long as it makes sense within the context of the STORY! I loved the return of Jeffery Wright as CIA agent Felix Leiter. Despite the short screen time he was wonderful and fit nicely in the story. And I really loved the return of Giancarlo Giannini, reprising the role of Mathis. This was wonderfully wonderful and a superbly performed performance. I liked Mathis in Casino Royale and was really disappointed that he "seemed" to be a double agent. The fact that this particular story arc was addressed in QoS was a VERY welcome surprise. Talk about emotional growth on screen and all that. I loved the screen time and dialog between Bond and Mathis. It was worth the film being made for that alone, personally. The introduction of Olga Kurylenko was actually pretty cool too. I wasn't too impressed with her in the movie Hitman, but she really shined in QoS. Her story rolled along nicely with Bond's without taking away or distracting from Bond's story. I do admit that they relied on action a little too much, most likely from rushing the script to avoid the writer's strike, but it still worked for me. There was still an excellent story here. As a follow up to Casino Royale, I'm not sure how much more really needed to be done in QoS. For the next film, yes, there definitely needs to be more between the action lines, but this WORKS. If you want a slightly less vitriolic review of QoS go to my man David's blog, The Bimillenial Man.

To recap an important point, in order to TRULY enjoy QoS you need to have seen and REMEMBERED Casino Royale because this IS a sequel. It is a well done sequel. If you don't like it, get over it or shut the fuck up if you do not have any intelligent reasoning. And so far I haven't seen any intelligent reasoning for not liking this film.

Quantum of Solace is a great addition to the Bond legacy. This is Tarrell Childs and I approve this message.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Samaritan

I played the part of a good samaritan today. I got on the train today on my way to Aikido class. I saw this old man, not that old but gray, sitting kind of sideways, his leg blocking the seat next to him. He kind of had the mean mug on. I wasn't really trying to sit down so I wasn't bothered by his blocking the seat and mean muggin' is a common thing in New York. Anyways, I was standing by the door for a few stops, then moved into the car a little further with my back to one of the center poles, still near the old guy. Well, his stop comes up. I noticed he was trying to get up as we were pulling into the station but he couldn't quite manage it. Right before the train stopped he finally rose up and with wobbly effort, slowly moved towards the door, coming in my direction. He actually smiled at me. A small smile. I smiled back. As he let go of his grip of the overhead bar he began to rock forward. I noticed he really wasn't going to be able to keep himself upright. I slowly reached out and gently put my fingers to the middle of his chest and steadied him. The train came to a full stop and he actually got his balance back. He smiled again and said, "Thank You." I naturally said, "You're welcome. No problem." I realized as he was trying to get up that he wasn't mean muggin' and blocking the seat for selfish, mean old guy reasons. He was actually in pain and trying to minimize it. Something wrong with his left leg I guess. See, I'm not a misanthrope. I really do like people. Just not all the time. ;-)

I am Legend

I finally bought this damn movie. And I bought this edition. Why did I wait so long to buy this film that I thoroughly enjoyed when I watched it in the theaters and which came out almost a year ago? One really simple reason: This freakin' "Special Edition" has NO making of the film on the disc. What. The. FUCK! I mean, what the hell is the point of a special edition if there is no making of documentary on the disc. There a weblink for it. I don't want to sit at my computer looking at this shit. It should all be on the disc when I put it in my player. They have these 4 bullshit animated comics. Please! Those should have been on the damn weblink. I know bullshit barebones releases that have some form of making of ON THE DISC! The making of docs are on the BluRay discs but not everyone has a damn Bluray player yet. That shit is relatively new. I really was not going to buy this damn movie at all because of this shit. Know what changed my mind? It was in the $10 bin at Virgin. $10!! TEN DOLLARS!! It's still a relatively new release and it was a moneymaking blockbuster! Why is it in the discount bin already. I 'm willing to bet money it's because of the reason I refused to buy it when it came out. NO MAKING OF! People weren't buying this damn version and Virgin needed to get rid of the damn things. ( For a goof, after I bought it I looked for it in Best Buy and they didn't have ANY versions of this movie at all on DVD. I didn't check the BluRay section 'cause I don't fucking have a player for 'em yet. Best Buy just sent them shits back 'cause I KNOW, like Virgin, they didn't sell 'em all!) I almost still didn't buy it. I'm really that pissed about it, if you can't tell. Warner Bros. fucked this shit up from jump. Now, I just found out they have some bullshit "new" "collector's edition", coming out for the holidays, on regular DVD which has all the BluRay features but, too late. I already bought the fucking thing. I am NOT double dipping on this one. Maybe next year when this new edition winds up in the discount bin I might consider it. As I've mentioned before, I'm a movie buff and a consumer but I have my damn limits! Even for movies I really like. I think that's enough of a rant on this. I'm still pissed off though.


Hey, look, this is funny. Period. If you don't think so you have no sense of humour.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can You Feel It!

This is without a doubt, my absolutely FAVORITE song! and video to this day and forever. I remember being a little kid, late '70's, watching Soul Train on the weekends. This video came on every weekend and I NEVER missed it. I LOVED this song and video. Obviously I still do. Ever had someone ask you what your favorite song is? If you're anything like me that would be, and has been in the past, a very difficult question. I listen to pretty much EVERYTHING! I go from hardcore hip-hop, to Nuevo Flamenco, to hard rock, to classical, to adult contemporary pop, to R&B, to a lil' bit of country, with some folk music thrown in, and a whole mess of differing world musics. Oh yeah, can't forget the jazz and blues. And whatever falls inbetween those things. It wasn't until I rediscovered the song about two years ago that I finally had a solid answer to that damn question. It took me back to the simplest, happiest time in my childhood. Don't get me wrong, I had a pretty good childhood, all around, but this time period was special. I'm taken back there everytime I hear this song. I remember vividly sitting on my Nannies bed gazing, enraptured by the sounds and visuals of this song and video. And I still love it. So, I'll share the pain, old pain for me, and ask, What's your favorite song?

You can't tell me you don't FEEL this song! And the video! Positively AWESOME!


Yes Yes Ya'll!! The Boondocks will be coming back for a third season! I love the Boondocks! One of the best shows in television land. Can't wait to see what they have next. The creator, Aaron McGruder, kind of unofficially announced there will be a third season in a bulletin on Myspace. He also has a webpage and it seems that he is getting back into the groove of things. So looking forward to what Aaron's going to bring this time around.

Here's a taste:

I don't know about you but I thought that was funny!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm impressed.

So, I'm over at my favorite spot, The ROOT, and reading this article on why white comics don't get Barack. Very dead on reasoning, but there's a link to a video on Youtube(Which I'm linking and also posting down below) with a guy who does his own skit on Barack that itself is dead on AND funny! The premise is right, Barack getting ready before a debate and after. The script is hilarious. SNL needs to hire this guy RIGHT NOW for his Obama impression ALONE!! Shit, SNL needs to have him DO this exact same skit on the show! even though it's been out here on tha intarnets for a while. To all those wondering how to cover Barack comedically, this is how it should be done.

Bush was on our side the whole time

I gotta say I've had a thought related to this article in the last couple of months. This shit is funny. I'ma go back to the "Arsenio Hall Show" days and say, "Things that make you go hmmm...?"

My related thought was that Bush is really all about the environment. Letting the gas prices skyrocket was/is his way of trying to make americans sick of using gas and to rally for a viable alternative fuel. Things that make you go hmmm..., indeed. The above linked artcle also made me feel rather good because it means I ain't the only one with bugged out ass retarded thoughts that "seem valid".

Oh yeah, and I love the ROOT!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Completely random thought.

You know what I just realized. From now on whenever there is going to be a black president of the usa in a film/movie or book it will no longer be a COMPLETE fantasy! As a Black man and writer I think that is massive cool.

The Glamour is gone

Here's a rather insightful blog I found to be a near enough of a mirror of what I'd been feeling about the whole Obama being voted in, that I figured I'd post it instead of writing a whole long thing myself. I let myself get caught up in the emotions of the moment as is only natural. But like I've said before I have serious problems with this country and Obama is inheriting a country damn near broken. I hope all of us who supported him will continue to do so, and those who didn't need to because it's done, and help heal this place. (It will NEVER be what I envision it should be, but I'm sure everyone feels that way.) The most we can do is try and just BE as well as possible with one another.

See, I'm reading a rather insightful and very important book entitled, God is Red: A Native View On Religion, by Vine Deloria Jr., and I'm just even deeper in my serious dislike for this country than I usually am. Anybody have a problem with me saying this see my very first post, I'll even link it for you so you don't have to figure out how to find it. I've learned quite a bit about my country's history since early childhood and continue to learn more so I have a wealth of things to be pissed about. Yeah, I've seen "progress" but not nearly enough. Obama is just another step, not the end all be all. Please remember that.

Oh, by the way, the writer of the blog happens to be a very nice and revolutionary minded MC (rapper for those of you who don't know the difference)who calls himself, Immortal Technique. If you like Public Enemy, dead prez, even KRS-ONE you should probably be down with the Technique.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I like autumn. I like watching the miracle of nature. The leaves change colour and then fall. I'd been waiting for the mass suicide of the leaves this year since September, but they were holding on. I mean, I would see some flashes of yellow, gold and brown here and there but not the carpet of leaves everywhere like usual. Well, yesterday as I was walking around I realized the leaves had finally given up the ghost. They'd pretty much just changed overnight it seemed and took the dive. And then it occurred to me that we just had a new, new, really NEW president elected the night before. Not to be all prophetic and shit, I don't really do that, but it just seemed like a cool coincidence to me. The thought I had when I noticed all the leaves was, "Wow. It seems like Mother Nature herself was waiting for the damn election to be over with baited breath." Where I live has many trees. The campus I attend classes at has A LOT of trees. I would look out the windows of class and wonder when Mommy Nature was gonna let the leaves do their thing ever since I started school. And yesterday it just seemed like there wasn't a leaf on a single tree 'cause I was walking on a blanket of leaves and everywhere I looked was golden and brown on the ground. The same, to a slightly lesser extent, at home. Leaves, leaves, leaves. I know I'm not imagining this 'cause, like I said, I'd been looking for the leaves to turn and fall. (I know the Mommy Nature thing is my 'magination, I'm just sayin'!)

The seemingly late suicide of the leaves is a just a pattern I've noticed over the years growing up. The seasons are shifting, which to me just proves how bullshit our recording of time really is. I've noticed for a while now that the seasons come later/last longer than they used to. Only natural, I think. The planet is a living thing, a living system and all living systems change. CHANGE! The only constant in the universe. Big word right now. Pretty cool. I like change. Most of the time. I'm rambling now so I'm out. Any thoughts?

I need to switch my focus.

See, I always say I'm in the wrong business. Here's "proof"!

You Should Be a Film Writer

You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.

You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.

Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.

And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

I really do see the stories in my head rather vividly. And since I live in my head I have a serious problem with actually writing them down. This process must be derailed. Who knows, I might be in Hollyhood in about a year. If I get out of my head and off of my ass! I'm workin' on it!

My man David took this and posted his results on his blog. Check it out.


Just to be clear, Barack Obama being elected to the presidency did NOT change the country. As so many of the intelligent people, myself included, have been pointing out his win is the opening of a door. A door of opportunity for the COUNTRY to change.

He's not the country people, WE are and he is a part of us. We have elected him to be the face and representative of us to the world but ultimately WE have to maintain the momentum that got him elected in the first place, which he so eloquently said himself in his victory speech. WE put him there. WE need to keep backing him up, period. For the first time in my life I've seen the people excited about the political process and actually act. We really need to keep that going or nothing will change and who really wants that. I know if you voted for Barack you don't want things to continue as they have for the last few centuries, so let's stay active in the process. That all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Body cycles

The body runs in cycles. At least mine does. After years of living and paying attention to the physical machine I call my body I realize it runs in cycles. Especially when it comes to sleep. A minimum sleep cycle for me is 2 and a half to three hours. Any less than that then I'm tired and sluggish and feeling like I took something I shouldn't have. More than about nine hours and I'm into the next sleep cycle which has me feeling super tired. I took my break at work and since I work overnight, I usually nap for my break. Well I took my break late, first of all, then it was short, barely an hour. Woke up feeling like I got tagged by a dart full of something, like in those super spy movies. Usually cold water, ingested not splashed on the face, helps me to wake up. However, first I had to remember that, then I had to go get a new water bottle for the water machine 'cause the one there was empty. Now I got some water automatically once I refilled the machine however it wasn't cold yet, so I'm still feeling like a sluggish addict coming down about to beg for the next fix. It doesn't help that I really fuckin' hungry. I was really going to just stay up and crash when I got home, all the excitement and all that, but I figured I was slightly drifting so I'd take a quick nap. The thing about naps is they have to be the proper length and mine wasn't.

On another note: Anyone that does not understand why non-white Americans in general and Black Americans in particular are so damn HAPPY and EMOTIONAL about Barack Hussein Obama winning the Presidency of the United States of America did not really learn anything in American History class or, more likely, didn't care to. Well it's a new day fuckers!! Time to pay attention. NO CHOICE NOW! IN YOUR FACE! Did you honestly think you were going to keep control of this shit forever? Your reign of terror, though not completely over, is now on a serious decline. The matrix you created has a serious glitch. People, it's time. WAKE UP!!!


Here, America, is your new First Family. Can't wait to see the new presidential puppy!

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!



My baby niece's world view is going to be radically different growing up than mine was in a very positive way. It's a generational paradigm shift for real. It's mindblowing how important this really is in SO many ways!!

I've lived for 32 years and this is the first year I voted. I am proud.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Real quick personal PSA

I'm a Black man born in the united states of america. Therefore I naturally have issues with my country of birth. I have issues with the world I was born into, period. But I was raised to think, really think, so I have a mind not completely clouded with blind hatred and dislike for things. I consider myself an Intelligent Human Being and have been told I am by those who like me and those who dislike me, so I figure my self assessment isn't too far off. This blog here is a pouring out of thoughts running the gamut of emotions and viewpoints on my environment, micro and macro. So don't take the shit I say too personally. I mean everything I say/type but that doesn't mean I don't understand other viewpoints. I figured this needed to be said after reading a post on my friend's blog, the Bimillennial Man, dealing a bit with his personality. I can be a bit excitable at times, as my friends know, so I'm just letting ya'll know that, really, all of this shit really ain't that serious to me. But I'm here so I have to deal with life the way I see fit.

Another reason for Obama to be in charge

I'll reiterate: I love The Root. Such a wonderful website for news and information. We live in a GLOBAL world now people. The days of warmongering need to fucking end. I know humans are fighting creatures but we're also thinking creatures and the time for big fighting needs to disappear. I know it'll be a slow process but we really need to get the process rolling. Here is a decent article illustrating this point.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Too Cool

I found this and I had to post this picture. Really, I just HAD to!!

Though I abhor any use of the 'N' word in any variation, I think my views have been described rather well here.

I love The Root

Another good article on The Root. I've been keeping my radar up for all of these very confused/stupid/justplainignorant Black people. I don't refer to them as such because they're not on Obama's side. That's not the point. It's the WAY they go about expressing their "opinions"/views. Just retarded.

The Realness

I LOVE PHAROAHE MONCH!!One of THE Top Emcee's in the game, period! And doing a remake, revamp of a classic and still relevant Public Enemy track was pure genius. He just re-classified a classic! Which is very rare and near impossible to do. WELCOME TO THE TERRORDOME!!!!!

Welcome To The Terrordome from W.A.R. Media on Vimeo.