Friday, November 14, 2008

I am Legend

I finally bought this damn movie. And I bought this edition. Why did I wait so long to buy this film that I thoroughly enjoyed when I watched it in the theaters and which came out almost a year ago? One really simple reason: This freakin' "Special Edition" has NO making of the film on the disc. What. The. FUCK! I mean, what the hell is the point of a special edition if there is no making of documentary on the disc. There a weblink for it. I don't want to sit at my computer looking at this shit. It should all be on the disc when I put it in my player. They have these 4 bullshit animated comics. Please! Those should have been on the damn weblink. I know bullshit barebones releases that have some form of making of ON THE DISC! The making of docs are on the BluRay discs but not everyone has a damn Bluray player yet. That shit is relatively new. I really was not going to buy this damn movie at all because of this shit. Know what changed my mind? It was in the $10 bin at Virgin. $10!! TEN DOLLARS!! It's still a relatively new release and it was a moneymaking blockbuster! Why is it in the discount bin already. I 'm willing to bet money it's because of the reason I refused to buy it when it came out. NO MAKING OF! People weren't buying this damn version and Virgin needed to get rid of the damn things. ( For a goof, after I bought it I looked for it in Best Buy and they didn't have ANY versions of this movie at all on DVD. I didn't check the BluRay section 'cause I don't fucking have a player for 'em yet. Best Buy just sent them shits back 'cause I KNOW, like Virgin, they didn't sell 'em all!) I almost still didn't buy it. I'm really that pissed about it, if you can't tell. Warner Bros. fucked this shit up from jump. Now, I just found out they have some bullshit "new" "collector's edition", coming out for the holidays, on regular DVD which has all the BluRay features but, too late. I already bought the fucking thing. I am NOT double dipping on this one. Maybe next year when this new edition winds up in the discount bin I might consider it. As I've mentioned before, I'm a movie buff and a consumer but I have my damn limits! Even for movies I really like. I think that's enough of a rant on this. I'm still pissed off though.

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