Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Body cycles

The body runs in cycles. At least mine does. After years of living and paying attention to the physical machine I call my body I realize it runs in cycles. Especially when it comes to sleep. A minimum sleep cycle for me is 2 and a half to three hours. Any less than that then I'm tired and sluggish and feeling like I took something I shouldn't have. More than about nine hours and I'm into the next sleep cycle which has me feeling super tired. I took my break at work and since I work overnight, I usually nap for my break. Well I took my break late, first of all, then it was short, barely an hour. Woke up feeling like I got tagged by a dart full of something, like in those super spy movies. Usually cold water, ingested not splashed on the face, helps me to wake up. However, first I had to remember that, then I had to go get a new water bottle for the water machine 'cause the one there was empty. Now I got some water automatically once I refilled the machine however it wasn't cold yet, so I'm still feeling like a sluggish addict coming down about to beg for the next fix. It doesn't help that I really fuckin' hungry. I was really going to just stay up and crash when I got home, all the excitement and all that, but I figured I was slightly drifting so I'd take a quick nap. The thing about naps is they have to be the proper length and mine wasn't.

On another note: Anyone that does not understand why non-white Americans in general and Black Americans in particular are so damn HAPPY and EMOTIONAL about Barack Hussein Obama winning the Presidency of the United States of America did not really learn anything in American History class or, more likely, didn't care to. Well it's a new day fuckers!! Time to pay attention. NO CHOICE NOW! IN YOUR FACE! Did you honestly think you were going to keep control of this shit forever? Your reign of terror, though not completely over, is now on a serious decline. The matrix you created has a serious glitch. People, it's time. WAKE UP!!!

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