Sunday, November 2, 2008

Real quick personal PSA

I'm a Black man born in the united states of america. Therefore I naturally have issues with my country of birth. I have issues with the world I was born into, period. But I was raised to think, really think, so I have a mind not completely clouded with blind hatred and dislike for things. I consider myself an Intelligent Human Being and have been told I am by those who like me and those who dislike me, so I figure my self assessment isn't too far off. This blog here is a pouring out of thoughts running the gamut of emotions and viewpoints on my environment, micro and macro. So don't take the shit I say too personally. I mean everything I say/type but that doesn't mean I don't understand other viewpoints. I figured this needed to be said after reading a post on my friend's blog, the Bimillennial Man, dealing a bit with his personality. I can be a bit excitable at times, as my friends know, so I'm just letting ya'll know that, really, all of this shit really ain't that serious to me. But I'm here so I have to deal with life the way I see fit.

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