Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pluto Nash

I have to address this. I just watched Pluto Nash again and just like the first time I viewed it a few years ago I find it to be an excellent sci-fi film. I really, really don't see what peoples problem is with this film. The script was done very well and superbly delivered by the actors. Eddie Murphy is a master. PERIOD! He is still one of my favorite actors and he has more than proven himself. He created his own niche in the machine and he's comfortable there but he is far from stuck there. Also, I love Eddie for doing this film because it is the first truly sci-fi film that is told from a non-white pov. And if you've been paying attention, like I have, Eddie has been doing this his whole career. Yes, there are Black actors that have been doing it long before Eddie came along, and doing it well, but Eddie was next-gen. His role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop was a paradigm shift in hollywood. I remember that movie vividly and every time I see it is like the first time. It is still one of my favorite action films. Anyways, I just felt like publicly expressing a positive view of the film Pluto Nash.

You know what really sealed my admiration for this film, besides Eddie and Rosario Dawson's fine ass? It was Luis Guzman's character, Felix Laranga. Yo, this dude comes on screen in his moon rover blasting his Puerto Rican music, just jammin' like Puerto Rican cats do here on earth in modern times. I just thought that was so cool. It reminded me of a comedy skit that Eddie Griffin did. In the skit Eddie talks about how white people area all about going into space and they have this fantasy of leaving all of us non-white people here on earth. He said, "If ya'll go to the moon, then damnit, we goin' to the moon, too!"

But aside from liking this movie for ethnic reasons, I like it all around because it really is a well done sci-fi film, period. The dialog alone was too cool. How sci-fi is this:
"She got rich by making a whole basketball team by cloning one old guy."
"Oh yeah, the Air Jordans."

COME ON!!! How cool is that! Who, today, will not get the joke in that. And the movie was filled with cool lines like this, which is totally good sci-fi to me 'cause the setting wasn't far future. Anyways, I'd recommend The Adventures of Pluto Nash to anyone wanting to check out a sci-fi film for two reasons: It's good sci-fi and it's not lily white sci-fi which most sci-fi has been.

Take it how you want it but don't judge me if you don't know me.

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  1. Thank you. I felt the exact same way. I saw it, liked it, watched it a billion times...THEN I started to get wind of all the bad reviews. It was funny, written well enough, and they didnt go overbaord with special affects or stupid gags. What more do people want? Then the clone fight at the end...I mean, this stuff might not be gold but it's damn sure silver! I don't know...Eddie's one of my fav actors, and I've come to think that people just have their minds made up about Eddie one way or the other. It's somehow become trendy to dump on Eddie. He's still one of the best comedians of all time, and a genius (uh, Nutty Professor anyone?). Thanks for the review and for keepin' it real...

    *Also, Pam Grier as his mother? FUCKING AWESOME