Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Black Crowes

Amorica has to be one of my favorite albums. The songwriting on this album is just awesome! Absolutely fuckin' AWESOME! Chris Robinson is one of the best songwriters I've ever listened to. I wasn't even planning to listen to this but as soon as it started playing I just had to let it play all the way through. I pretty much sing along to every single song on the album every time I listen to it. That is very very rare for me. An album that everysinglesongisgreat is so not common. This is one of the few and I love it. The Black Crowes is one of my favorite bands naturally and I have all of their albums all of which are great. I haven't really listened to the last album, Warpaint, that much but I have listened to it and I do like it. I haven't really listened to much music since I've gotten so busy in the last couple of months. I've been buying music but not immersing myself in it like I used to. But, yeah, Amorica is a great album. To me it's the best one they've done. The others are great, too, but I just connected on some very deep viscerally emotional level to Amorica at the time it came out. Needed to get that out.

Update: You know what? I'm now listening to the album By Your Side and singing along to it. I'm on the third song and just realized I've been singing along. I love the Black Crowes. I pretty much have the same reaction to all of their albums. Great music, Great songs.


  1. Go out RIGHT NOW and get their second album The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion!!
    It's their best. It's my favorite album of all time by anyone. It's amazing. You'll love it.


  2. To Anonymous,

    Thanks a lot for visiting the blog and actually leaving a comment. I need more of that. And not to be an ass or anything because I love your enthusiasm for The Crowes but I did mention about halfway through the first paragraph that I do have all of their albums. That said, The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion is the very first album of theirs that I bought and I do love that album as well. It's actually hard for me to pick a favorite track from that album, but the most emotionally charged one for me is, Sometimes Salvation. That's a great song, but I love 'em all.