Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm a Consumer, damnit!!!

I readily admit it, I'm a consumer. A muthafukin' CONSUMER!!!! I BUY SHIT! But I buy shit I like. Really like. I rarely, very, very, very rarely regret my purchases. Most people kick themselves in the ass for shit they bought and knew they had know business buying when they bought it. I don't. I indulge in my passions. BOOKS, MUSIC, AND MOVIES. That's what I like and that's what I buy. And the occasional electronic gadget. Now the only way to really acquire wealth in this world is to make and save more money than you spend. I obviously understand this. However, I haven't reached the necessary need to become rich yet. It's coming. But I don't beat myself up about not having more money or enough money. I'm a damn adult, I know what I do and am responsible for it. I don't complain about it. I know me and am happy with me. Period!

Forgive the rant, I was just thinking about this because I bought some CD's today and remembered being lectured about being a consumer once and how that is not conducive to wealth building. Well, duh. No shit. I bought a CD today that I'd been looking for for YEARS!!! I had it digitally once (borrowed it from a friend) but the format it was in couldn't be converted (I hate SONY!!!) so I lost that copy and the damn disc wasn't being distributed anymore. Imagine my surprise when I found SWV's third album, release some tension, in the store. And it was the only copy left! I'd passed it up before, like twice, and I was kicking myself in the ass for NOT buying it then! So I wasn't about to not buy it this time. My usual move is to say I'll come back next week and it should still be here. Well, that has obviously burned me before so I wasn't playing around this time. Not with this disc. It's a wonderful album. And I'm happy I bought it.

I also got the album put out by those two young men who go by the name, Nuttin' But Stringz, that some of you may have seen on that show america's got talent. They actually had an album out before they appeared on that show. I'd heard about them about a little over a year ago and was very impressed and interested in getting their music. I'd seen the album at the store last year and was like, "Oh yeah, I want that," but waited. WELL, since I saw them perform on the show I was really, really more impressed, on top of what I had already heard about them. And since I was in the mood to not pass shit up today I bought it. It's AWSOME! Go buy this shit. I linked it twice just so you know I MEAN IT!! Good music is ALWAYS worth the money. As is a great book/story. And film/movie. And I'm done.

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