Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So sad that this is Great.

How wonderful this story is. There are so many elders out there, of all ethnicities (yet so important to the ONE I have most identified with in my life 'til now), to whom this presidential election is a dream come true never dreamt. Can you fathom not being able to vote then having the ability as a right? Can you fathom not being equal and then being equal (in theory. Still a ways on this one. But it's LIGHTYEARS BETTER. If it wasn't for elders like the woman in the article I might not be writing this damn blog right now!) I mean if it wasn't for people like her the phenom that is Barack would be decades away! It's GREAT she gets to finally vote for a viable and capable Black candidate for the presidency of one of the "freest" countries on this planet. How sad is that? Compared to the time of captivity and oppression Black people endured in this country we haven't been "free" for very long. It's amazing really that we've come along as far as we have. Wonderful thing. So sad.

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