Friday, October 3, 2008

Educate yoursefl!!

These horrific TRUE stories need to be told in the open and dealt with (as far as a psychological and sociological process) wholly and individually as citizens of america and the planet. So much of the history of america has been buried or more commonly suppressed. Time to deal with ALL OF THIS SHIT! I've been aware of more than most in my lifetime, but there is still more I don't know and need to learn. But I was/am a lucky individual to have been raised from young childhood with an awareness of more of the REAL history of america and the many Prominent Black men and women who endured, suffered, and succeeded in life here. Check the story, linked above, and learn a bit more and search for more on your own. Whites need not feel guilty and Blacks need not feel shame. My Black brethren, however, do need to feel angry. Very, very angry!! Actually we ALL need to feel very, very angry. But channel that anger into positive energy. For my non-Black brethren this should be just as educational. Pay attention and maybe understand a little more of why some of your Black friends are a bit touchy about certain things. For all, just process, learn and make sure these horrors are never repeated. And teach your damn children better! Believe I'll be doing many more of these.

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