Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Jackie

Well, I tell ya what: Little Jackie knows how to put on a show! Imani Coppola has a true performers energy. And she's a true ROCKER! Her backup singers and band were really good and on point. They damn near performed all of the songs off of the new album, The Stoop, which I had damn near memorized, so I was happy. Being that I've only been a fan for a few months I only have one of Imani's solo albums, pre-LJ, The Black & White Album, which she didn't do any songs from. She did do two songs I was not familiar with (the rest of the audience was though) but was absolutely taken with so it seems I'm going to have to find and cop her earlier albums. It's actually kind of hard to pick out highlights because for me the whole damn show is a highlight. I hope that she posts this concert on her myspace or something, 'cause even though I have some clips on my crappy camera video, I'm a spectator not a camera man, and I wanted to really witness and take in and enjoy the performance, not kill my damn shoulder trying to get a decent camera angle. My memory works pretty good, I'm sure I'll remember seeing Imani gyrating on stage in front of me for quite a while. But anyway, I have to say, the performance of the lead single from The Stoop, The World Should Revolve Around Me, was great 'cause it sent everyone in the audience on a frenzy of energy, including myself. She picked up a violin for one of the songs I didn't know but I liked. Of course I was happy they played 28 Butts, one of my favorite songs on the album. But actually a real highlight was Go Hard or Go Home, which is an obviously deeply personal song for Imani, for she's singing about her family and growing up. She picked up a guitar for this one and the drummer played one of those big rectangular floor drums you sit on (for the life of me I can't remember the name of the damn drum!). She didn't get overly emotional or anything, she let the lyrics do that, but you could tell she holds this song close. She closed the set with The Kitchen, an admonition to the ladies to watch their shit! Good song. Of course, it's the perfect counterpoint to the song LOL which completely owns a moronic guy she's with. Both of the backup singers each handled a verse of The Kitchen quite well. The coolest thing was she ended the song with the old African chant that Michael Jackson used on 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'', "Mama Say, Mama Sa, Mama Koo Sa (I'm sure I butchered the spelling but you know what the hell I'm talking about!). Of course I was singing and on beat with the hand claps, just like in Mike's song. Yeah, I'm good!

Naturally I was singing along most of the show. Great show. I love great shows.

Here's some cheesy pics I took with my crappy phone camera:

The backup singers. They were good.

Imani on the GeeTaar!(Yes, I know it's guitar, jackass.)

I also have some bad video clips with same crappy phone camera.

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