Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I noticed something recently and it kind of brought me to my High school years. In high school I HAD to take spanish. I did not want to but the honors program I was in required it. Now, back then I couldn't have really given a real decent reason why I was so opposed to learning spanish. So opposed in fact that I had spanish all 4 years and learned next to nothing! I learned some but not enough for 4 years. Very sad, young me was not very intelligent all the time. Anyways, I recently noticed something that gives me a valid reason for my decision way back then: Spanish speakin' mothafuka's in NY talk FUCKING LOUD!!!! I don't get it. Everywhere I go if people are speaking spanish they're talking at the top of their lungs or damn near even if they're right next to each other. Do you know how fucking annoying that is?! I figure, in my subconscious back then, I noticed that and said to my self, "If learning that damn language means I have to shout everything I speak, I'd rather not learn." I mean really, if you live in NY city just really pay attention one day to the spanish speaking fuckers around you. It's not just the young kids either. It's ALL of them. Old, young, in-between, whatever, they talk LOUD. I don't get it. That shit is especially annoying in enclosed spaces, ie: elevators and trains. I mean, really, is it necessary to be that fucking loud! ALL THE TIME! Jeez! This is not a stereotype of all spanish speaking people just an observation of NY city spanish speaking people that I've confirmed with other people. Now that I finally solidified what bothered me about the damn language, as it's spoken in my environment, it bothers me even more. You just want to intrude on a damn conversation and say, "Is it really necessary to scream and yell? Can you please lower your voices?" Well, really, I want to say, "Will you shut the fuck up?! It ain't necessary to be that fucking loud!," but I realize that won't have the desired effect.

Okay, so can anybody corroborate this little observation of mine or am I just way out there?


  1. I guess I can agree, as I've noticed this sometimes as well. Especially on the subway. But it's not just spanish -- ANY foreign language, really. I've noticed Asians and Afrikans speaking in this manner as well.

    I think what's happening is that these people feel that no one else around them understands what they're saying, and so therefore they have the liberty to speak louder than usual.

    I mean, the only reason we speak low in public is so that other people don't overhear our conversations. If you feel that other people can't even understand your language, then this eliminates that necessity.

  2. Yeah, you're right. Personally even if I knew the people around me couldn't understand what I was saying I wouldn't be yelling. What happened to courtesy? I don't need to hear your conversation even if, especially if, I can't understand it. Guess we gotta take to punching people in the face if they don't quiet down when we ask them politely.