Saturday, October 25, 2008

Condolences to Jennifer Hudson

This is a seriously unfortunate and fucked up experience. Jennifer Hudson's mother and older brother were found shot in their home and her 7 year old nephew is missing. I can't begin to imagine the pain this young woman must be feeling. Her family still lived in the south side of Chicago which I hear is not a nice place. But I hear the same thing about where I'm from, South Bronx, NY, and it's really not so bad here, so I'm sure it couldn't be that bad there. Places aren't bad, people are. South side Chicago didn't kill her family, some ignorant stupid ass fool did.

From what is known she has a very close knit family and I offer my condolences to them all. I know the loss of a loved one now, so I know there are really no words for this. Life goes on and you have know choice but to deal but the love and support of those that love and care for you helps tremendously.

I'm out.

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