Friday, October 31, 2008

Down to the line

I feel the need to reiterate that shit is real in the battlefield. I've mentioned several times how things are going to get dirty the closer we get to this election. I'll refer ya'll to this article from The Root. Especially interesting to me, on the second page of the article, was the mention of what some republican officials are trying to do in texas. Old and new tricks, people. Old and new. The civil war was not really that long ago and the whites that ran the south, through the generations, still run the south and they still mad as hell down there.Throughout the country whole country really but especially down there. Oh yeah, and don't forget about those neo-nazi idiots that got caught with their murder plot. These idiots planned on killing a lot of Black folks just because. Now, at least these morons knew they weren't going to get Obama. But they were still gonna try anyway. I mean, really. And you have a whole lot of people saying racism and prejudice is no longer a problem in this country. Riiiiiiiight! Tell that to the Jena 6, Sean Bell and his two friends, the kids in the HBCU's in texas, and to the people of Tenn. where these skinhead morons planned to begin their little killing spree.

It must be said, watch your backs Black people. Watch your damn backs. You do not know WHO is gonna come out of the blue and try to do something to you in these times right now. I'm paranoid so I watch my back at all times anyway but for now, shit is real in the battlefield for my Black folks right now and in the coming months or years. They scared of us and will try and hurt us because of that fear. WATCH YOUR BACKS! And really all open Obama supporters who aren't Black should watch out, too, 'cuz ya'll will get it from your own for supporting a Black man. So sad.

And I'm out.

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