Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fashion bullshit

Walking the streets of New York in the last couple of months I've noticed a new fashion trend which I find rather offensive and disturbing. Military styled clothing. Shirts and jackets with stripes on the sleeves and ribbons on the chest and all manner of badges, just like the military except these are civilian clothes in ALL sorts of colors. The first time I saw it was a few months ago and I thought, "How fucking ridiculously stupid!" That time was just some stripes and a bullshit function badge. But then about a week ago I see this fucking nimrod of a kid wearing a shirt with outrageous colors with mad army styled stripes on his arm and more ribbons on his chest than a damn four star general would have. Now, I'm former military and, though I had my problems when I was in, I still served honorably and am PROUD of my service. Therefore I was heavily, deeply, seriously fucking offended by that shit. I wanted to simultaneously curse the kid out and royally kick his ass. Like I said, I've seen it a lot over the last couple of months and it bothers me. These little ignorant faggots are probably too scared to join up in ANY branch of the armed forces, yet want to use the military as the latest fashion. I'm more upset at whatever company put this shit out and promoted it. I ever meet the designer of this shit and I swear I will punch them in the fucking face. Whether they're prior military themselves or not. I'd bet not, but if they are they NEED to have their ass kicked. They should know better. Also, this is already old shit but needs to be mentioned here, the fucking colorful camouflage as popular hood fashion. Pink, orange, blue, red, purple and other wonderful colors. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!!! There is a serious misunderstanding of what the word camouflage means, I think. No, people are just morons.
To me, it's just as bad as all these stupid ass kids, mostly boys, aping the fashions that come from jail culture, which has been and is, unfortunately, promoted by rap music. We all know of the stupid fucking pants hanging way off the ass bullshit. As far as I'm concerned every one of these idiots I see with their pants around their thighs and their underwear all out are homosexuals. They're gay assholes offering easy access to each other, period. I don't care who the fuck they are, what they consider their status, or how much money they have. Pants saggin', you're a faggot. Yesterday, riding on the train, I saw the next jail fashion. Unlaced sneakers, looking like house shoes/flip-flops. These young idiots actually had the laces in the sneakers but not on the outside, just kind of tucked in from the side. I wish I had had a camera, I woulda took a damn picture and posted it. Fucking stupid. Oh, for those who don't know, in jail they're not allowed to have shoe laces or belts. Prevents suicides and also they can be obviously used as weapons. It's like these little fuckers are prepping themselves to go to jail. Which I guess they are, unfortunately. I thank my parents for teaching me how to THINK!!!!! for MYSELF!!!!! I'm getting really sick of this country and this society.

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