Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You can't be serious!

I'ma probably get shredded for this post because it deals with a show most guys don't watch. But I ain't most guys and I watch the View. The main reason is because I'm a Whoopi Goldberg fan. I LOVE Whoopi and hope one day to meet her and actually have a conversation with her. I find her to be one of the most fascinating people on the planet right now. To have pulled off the career she's had in the society she's grown up in is amazingly phenomenal. Okay, got that out of the way. The reason I'm writing is I was watching yesterday and Sherri said the most bafflingly stupid things on national television. Bill Maher was the guest and promoting his film, Religulous, which is about the retarded things about religion people don't talk about, among other things I'm sure. I look forward to seeing it. Bill made a comment about people literally believing every single word of the bible as it is written. He used the example of the ridiculous story of Noah and the ark and how inconceivable the prospect of him collecting a male and female of EVERY SPECIES ON THE PLANET onto a LARGE BOAT to weather a GLOBAL FLOOD. Sherri had the religious piety to say she literally believed that story. I was rather taken aback. I like Sherri. She actually looks really good now. That woman has been working out something fierce. Body mad slim, but those breasts ain't going NOWHERE. She got a BODY. Plus she's really funny. I'd known of her strict religious beliefs from previous shows but that really bugged me. Then, AFTER Bill referred to god as an imaginary friend, she later asks him, DEAD SERIOUSLY, if he talked to god directly. I swear I saw Bill hesitate for a split second, like he was gonna say, "Bitch are you CRAZY?! Did you not just two minutes ago hear me refer to god as imaginary?" He asked in return if she hears god when she speaks to "him" and dead serious said, "Yes." He was like, "That's just your mind making up a voice," but she wasn't hearing it. See, my likeness for Sherri has dropped considerably. I don't mind someone being religious, but to the point of stupidity is just more than I can take. That's why I can't stand this Palin chick. People who believe in creationism should be locked away in psych wards or shot like a lame horse. You can't help the human race progress, you need to go. But, yeah, Sherri threw me for a loop. And I still love Whoopi. She's the only reason to watch the show. And Barbera when she's there. She's cool. Joy's cool, mostly because she vibes so well with Whoopi. I'm not even mentioning the stupid white girl by name. That chick is so monumentally naive and ditzy it would almost be sad if it wasn't so dangerous. But yeah, Sherri is looking good, but she need to get her mind right. I feel sorry for her son. That kid's life is going to be jacked up if she don't smarten up.

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