Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It is uncanny how many white women out there in the entertainment world could literally pass for the republican candidate for vp. Everyone knows about Tina Fey fron SNL, who not only looked like her dead on but pulled off her speech patterns spot on as well ( She didn't even have to write any material. She literally used Palins words from the interview. How sick is that! And this chick wants to be vp but can't make ANY sense in an interview?) There was a look-a-like model in the newspaper, last week I think it was the post or daily news, that really looked like her. That person went around pretendeing to be her for a while and pulled that shit off, too. And then there's THIS! I know porn is famous for making sexual parodies of people and mainstream films and certain world events and the like but I don't think they EVER had a damn near identical TWIN for a public figure like this. When she puts on the glasses it's just like, whoa! If this chick, Lisa Ann, pulls off the voice it's a WRAP!!! I mean, come on, Nailin' Palin!! CAN you say this is going to be the HIGHEST selling porno film of the year. Probably the damn decade!! Shit, I might get it off gp. I don't particularly think Palin looks that good, but Lisa Ann does. Hey, when I was talking matches I was just talking the FACE. You better believe Lisa Ann is going to bring WAY more experience to her role than Palin is bringing to hers. I think that's worth checking out, how 'bout you? ;-)

I think I need my man Skillz to help me sort out my emotions on this one. (Real Hip Hop ain't dead!)

We truly live in a Crazy World! Thanks Skillz!

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