Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm doin' it!!

Well, I figured since I'm over here all the time reading Steven Barnes' blog and Christopher Chamber's blog and others I might as well post my own. I have a few blog entries on my myspace page but I figured I might as well jump in where more people can see my thoughts. I am a writer and newly dedicated martial artist and a male human being whose genetics are mainly African and Native american and whose nationality is american. This is how I think of myself. I am most decidedly not an African american. That is a title of nationality and I did not emigrate here from Africa (don't get it twisted, I love the continent of my distant ancestors, however) I was born right here in america like many of my ancestors before me. I also served in my country's military, for quite a while actually, which makes me very freakin' american! And gives me the RIGHT to talk about anything pertaining to the u.s.a. anyway I see fit! So, anyone got a problem with that, go to your nearest zoo and kiss some rhinoceros balls!!! Other than that, I'm the nicest person I know, ;-), I have a very tight circle of great friends and a wonderful family. I have a book of poetry published and am working on short stories and other writing projects including more poetry.

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