Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ah Shit!!

I just had an epiphany moment! I'ma piss a whole lotta people off right now. No long explanations, just the thought maybe a quick referendum of my thought process and that all. Here goes my thought: First, this whole situation/movement/thingy people have about the word Nigger (in all of it's spelling incarnations) and claiming it for our own and using it "positively",thereby switching it up on the originators of the word is immensely stupid. Now, there are many out there who agree with me that that train of thought, no matter how noble it may be, is silly but call themselves christians. And to me being Black and a christian, really being one period (but especially if you're Black), is just as stupid as trying to make Nigger a positive term of endearment by changing the spelling and/or pronunciation. Now, you may rant and rave and foam at the mouth.......Okay. Here's my very quick reasoning. Christianity from it's birth was a form of social control. Now in the closer history, the time of enslavement of my African ancestors in the "New World", christianity was most definitely used to make sure slaves not only stayed slaves but blindly accepted and enjoyed being such. Now many of those ancestors proving they were indeed intelligent Human Beings turned that shit back onto their oppressors. Unfortunately, in using the oppressors rules to help free themselves they still fell under the spell of it. Don't get me wrong, the bible is a good book. Excellent, good information in it. But I've read MANY good books in my life with excellent good information in them. Okay, attack!

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