Monday, August 25, 2008

Look man...!

I hate childish bullshit! For real. My co-worker just pissed me off over some real bullshit. Talkin' 'bout communicating and shit. Muthafucka, you didn't communicate shit before now, all of a sudden your boat gets rocked a bit, and now people need to communicate shit to you? Fuuuuuck that! Get out my face with that shit! I'm not detailing shit here, for what I hope are obvious reasons. I mean, he just pulled a silly bitch move but, I ain't tryin' to contribute to him losing his job. I don't owe any allegiance or anything but this is more personal than anything so, no details, 'cuz you never know who's reading shit. I'll put the details in my journal (maybe after he get fired or something I'll let you know). (You didn't really think I was going to put ALL my business on the net, did you? Don't get me wrong, some people do, and I like some of those blogs, but that ain't me. I'll go deep a bunch but a lot of stuff is NOT for public consumption.)

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