Monday, August 18, 2008

New Life

I'm embarking on a whole new ride right now. I got a job. It's really decent. Don't have to do much. No supervisors to bug the shit out of me. It's a nightshift gig at a shelter. I just keep an eye on the place. Two other guys on shift with me. Kind of a smooth ride. 11:30pm 'til 8:00am. I like it. I'm kind of a night owl anyway. Kind of. I shift. My circadian rhythms are adaptable I think. Anyways, I like my job. I started taking Aikido again. I really like the sensei and the dojo and my fellow students so I'm really sticking with it this time. And the only other variable in my life's current equation is school. Particularly finishing my degree. I'm registered at a local university. I had to get in through the adult program 'cause I am not a recent HS graduate :0! But I'm going to have to take daytime classes with these brats because my nights are kind of booked. At least three nights for Aikido. I'm willing to give up one night but that's it. So, me and whoever my counselor is going to be are going to have to make this shit work. Well, the whole point of this was to illustrate that compared to the last couple of years (I've been a semi-lazy bum since I got out of the usaf three years ago. Wow, time passes! After 10 1/2 years of that shit I didn't really want to do ANYTHING! ) I'm about to really be busy. I'm going to have know choice but to really participate in the race. The Human race for yous who didn't get that. Oh yeah, I HAVE to maintain my writing as well through all of this busyness I am embarking on. But living life is always the best fuel for a writers imagination. My man Dave does it so I'm sure I'll be able to as well.

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