Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So much stuff

You know, I have so much stuff I want to write here. My head is so full of so many thoughts I'm gonna really have to pre-write things then post them. Mostly because I don't have constant access to the internet right now. But that works for me anyway. On to it. What I wanted to write about is this stuff with the presidential race. I'm not doing an evaluation or anything I just happened to come across something that really connected with me. I'm reading an interview article with Jay-Z in the current issue (Sept. 2008) of Vibe magazine. He makes some comments that exactly coincide with a post I put up on my myspace page. (Here's the link to it: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=
Now I went on my little rant there but obviously with a purpose. Now, Jay, of course, was very mature in how he addressed the situation but that's because he's at that level where he actually mixes with these politicians. As he states in the interview, he and Bill Clinton are friends. BUT there was no question in his mind about even thinking about voting for Hillary. Rollin with Obama was a no-brainer for him. And he literally stated he's willing to lose his friendship with Bill over this because, "It's bigger than our friendship." How motherfuckin' cool is Jay! Now he breaks down why from his point of view which I share. He goes on to say he makes sure to disassociate himself professionally from Obama for fear of hurting his chances. And frankly states," I ain't like the preachers and those guys. I don't wanna make inappropriate statements and keep going. I'm the guy that will fall back." Damn, Jay!!! That's what the fuck I'm TALKIN' about! Who would have thought the guy from the streets of Brooklyn would be playin' the most intelligent position and the old guard civil rights "leaders" would be playin' the house nigga, sambo role. I am SO proud of Jay-Z, Mr. Sean Carter, for being so straightforward, truthful, and most of all MINDFUL in this interview. And also to Vibe for printing it. They know who's reading this and that they need to see/read what someone of Jay-z's caliber and influence thinks on this subject. There is also, right after the interview with Jay, an article about, that's right, Barack Obama. And you have more people, rappers and others, pretty much co-signing what Jay already said, indirectly. I only used two quotes from the Vibe article, so I suggest if you don't have the issue already you go out and get it.

(I don't know how to put the copyright mark next to the quotes so I'm letting it be known right now, 'cause I don't want to get sued or anything, that those quotes are the copyright of Vibe Media Group LLC. I'm just co-signing, that's all.) Peace!

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