Tuesday, August 19, 2008


HOW COOL IS IT THAT LAURENCE FISHBURNE IS GOING TO BE THE NEW CSI CHIEF AFTER WILLIAM PETERSEN (GRISSOM) LEAVES THE SHOW. And the story arc they have for him is just so cool. And you know so few actors could really pull that type of character off. If you can't tell Fish is like my FAVORITE ACTOR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!! I haven't met him yet but I can't wait to. One day maybe I'll know him well enough to be able to actually call him Fish in his presence. From what I know only his friends get to do that. I would love to be a friend of his. I know he likes poetry. Maybe he'll buy my book and like it and seek me out. That would be SO freakin' cool!! Okay, I'm done with my fanboy moment. But seriously, I'd freak if I actually got to meet him. There's not many people who impress me that much. He's one. Steven Barnes, Alan Dean Foster are two others. I'd probably keep my cool, like I did when I met Charles DeLint (That was SO cool!!!) but just beneath the surface, I'm talking RIGHT beneath, I'd be bubblin" hard. Aiight, for real, fanboy moment done. Gotta go anyway. LAter ya'll.

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