Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reality check

Well I registered for school. Once again. Hopefully for the last time. School, no matter what level, is booooooringgggg! High School was boring. My friends and a very few choice teachers made HS bearable. Most of the college level courses I've taken over the years have been along the lines of the lazy guys guide to college. Most of the classes I took were at a community college so I pretty much took what the fuck I wanted and interested me and that's it. Seemed the best way to keep myself interested. Take shit I WANT TO, RIGHT?!!!! Well, it don't work that way in a private or more "established" or "refined" learning establishment. (I realize it don't work that way at a comm. college either. at least not if you actually WANT a degree:-) SO, anyways, I find myself having to take some courses I have ABSOLUTELY KNOW INTEREST IN, WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!! However, since this happens to be a very decent school and, most importantly, my educationairy pursuits are being PAID FOR, I shall endure and prosper. I realize that even though I don't want to take these courses I still might learn something useful. All info is useful if you learn a useful way to apply it. And being that I am a writer, all info is useful in some form. My life has gone from 0-60 in like two months. I've gone from a rather hermit lifestyle to a full blown schedule having man on the move. WTF is wrong with me?!!! Job, school, Aikido, throw writing personal shit in there, not to mention reading personal shit and I'm like just a super glutton for super punishment. Ah well. I'm gonna be fuckin' BUSY and very, very, very TIRED!!!!!!

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  1. I felt that way when I first started college. But I can say I probably remember most those classes I would never have taken on my own were they not part of my core curriculum, than some of those classes I took to satisfy my major.

    The stuff I learned in those classes have shaped the kind of person I am today. It especially shows up in my writing, allowing me to write from different perspectives and utilize various facets that are outside my normal purview.