Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Famous people

I was wondering how often regular everyday people come across "famous" people, those considered celebrities or at least have jobs in the public arena, ie: actors and musicians. You always hear about people running into somebody famous out in Hollyhood, CA. And every once in a while you'll hear about someone running into a celebrity here in NY, a rather famous place for actors still, I think. Broadway is not dead yet, despite Disney's efforts to drive all semblance of serious theater out of the place. Anyways, I had my own experience of running into an actor some months ago. I was riding the train, I believe it was the 1, to go see my VA rep. I look up from the book I'm reading and see this older white guy standing by the door that leads between the cars. I look away but I know I recognized him. When I realize who he is, I'm like really stoked inside because I've always liked the work I've seen him do onscreen. However, I COULDN'T REMEMBER HIS FREAKIN' NAME!!!! But I can't let that stop me from at least acknowledging him. I always told myself I would never be a rabid fanatic if I ever met someone "famous" whose work I admired and I'm proud to say I conducted myself rather calmly. I approached him and, because I couldn't remember his freakin' name at that time, said, "I know you. You're an actor. I really like your work." He gives me a slight smile and says, "Thank you," rather quietly. I ask him if he likes poetry and he says, "some", so, I hand him my card and tell him I have a book of poetry published and he should check it out. He again says, "Thank you," and I say, "It was a pleasure to meet you," then I sit back down without another word. I then notice that he looks a bit, not haggard, but unglamorous. Yes, I know, he's not on set and all celebrities aren't always done up. What I really mean is that he seemed like he was dealing with something really personal that he was keeping under straining wraps. But that could be my overactive imagination. He might've just been playing low key 'cause he was riding the damn NYC subway. Right before I reach my stop, I remember his first name is David but the surname won't come to me for anything! What's really funny is when I got off another guy, a young black guy, got off too and he asked me, "That guy was a actor or something right?" I said , "Yeah," and he was like, "I knew it!" I wonder how many other people noticed Mr. David Morse traveling among them on the NY streets that day. I'd love the opportunity to run into him again. I highly doubt he bought my book but I expect that. I travel the NY streets all the time so I know that there's always people handing out shit that I just don't take seriously and usually don't even acknowledge. Anyway that was my only brush with Hollywood so far. And it was real down to earth. It would be cool if he did get my book though, huh? Figured I'd share. How about you? Ever run into a "celebrity"?

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  1. I met James Brown in Atlanta airport...we were passing each other by on moving sidewalk...he was very friendly. i didnt ask him for his autograph, I assume celebrities like to keep it moving like the rest of us. I also met Saul Williams-poet(I KNOW you heard of him). He was cool enough to wait by the ladies room while my boyfriend went in to tell me Saul was waiting to meet me. We hugged I said i loved his poetry...then he was off to perform. Im not really starstruck but it is fun if you should run into someone.