Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hey, okay, look. I have a question. Have you ever had some activity that you liked to do a lot, but haven't done it in a while and when you attempted to do it again you went at it like you never took a break from it? Well, I like to bowl. For a while I got to be pretty decent. I was on my squadron's base team. Joined the league and everything. I was getting a freakin' bowling newsletter in the mail. Got patches and shit to sew on my bowling shirt, if I actually had one. I even earned a specific patch. (I got the same exact score for three separate games in a row. Completely by accident and didn't know this was an actual bowling achievement but I was proud when I got my little patch in the mail. I'll dig it out one day and post a pic of it.) Anyways, this was all a couple of YEARS ago! I haven't bowled in quite a while.

Well after going to see the very pleasing Watchmen film, my friend David and I decided to go bowling. We knew of this new kind of swanky and high end bowling alley nearby and figured we'd check it out. Well! the place is called Bowlmor and it is rather swanky and pleasant inside. I proceeded to bowl and though I was conscious of the fact that it had been a while, I still went at it a little too much. Pulled my damn shoulder muscle about two or three times. But what is really bothering me is my damn left leg hip joint. I stepped wrong on one of my turns and that shit has been hurting ever since. And it's only been feeling worse and worse the more time passes. I wish I didn't have classes today 'cause I need to sleep and stay off of this leg for a while. This shit is annoying. And it ain't 'cause I'm getting old either. My technique was just a little off 'cause I was out of practice and trying a little too hard.

And the drinks I had had nothing to do with it.

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  1. Yeah, that was a little rough on me, too. Only my left thigh muscle is sore today from stepping off that leg over and over last night, but nothing that won't heal by tomorrow (when I have to run). Right now it feels more like I just did 50 squats -- on that one leg alone!

    Still, it was a lot of fun. :)