Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Veronica Pt. 2

Going to continue a bit about Veronica. Let's see, I pretty much ended the last post when V moved in with me. Well let's backtrack a bit. A little about me first. I don't wear masks. I don't front. What you experience when you meet me is what you got. PERIOD! SO, on that first date I was VERY me. Complete gentleman, fully emotional, bit of a temper and speaks my mind. I was a bit much for her to take, actually. One thing that did shine through though was I was a good man. Her sister thought so, so she gave me a chance, even though she completely trusted her sister, and found that observation to be true. The first night she spent the night was cool. I cleaned up a little bit. But just a little bit. Like I said, I'm me, no false impressions, so my apartment was NOT spic and span super clean. Or I SHOULD say neat. My place was clean but I'm not a very neat person. Quite the opposite. A bit of clutter is the only chaos I can really deal with in my life. Anyways, she saw this and despite herself was impressed that I wasn't going all out to impress her. Weird, huh? See why I loved her. Of course, I WAS going out of my way to impress her, just MY way. I cooked that night. She liked. No bedroom homerun that night. I did try. She was playing hard to get. That was cool. I did something for the first time, that I found I enjoyed doing, that night. But only with special people. (I've only done that on ONE other woman, one time.) I was addicted to V though. The feeling was mutual. Not much time passed before the homerun happened. What a game night that was. Another first for her. She'd never had the big 'O' before. Like the real deal joint. Damn, I'm good! I must say, to be thorough and honest, the very very first time we were going to consummate our little union I was a bit too nervous. Yeah. That was weird to deal with, 'cause I wanted to. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, WANTED TO. And even though we were new, she understood it wasn't her and didn't give me any grief about it. Once I finally relaxed though, IT WAS ON! We were completely compatible in EVERY way. Her body fit mine and mine fit hers. That's it. I've never clicked with another woman the same way. I guess you're not supposed to. Every person is different and good in their own ways but for me something will always be missing. I figure that's the pain talking. I believe I'll meet someone to fall in love with again, but right now I just don't feel it. Veronica and I weren't done with each other before she journeyed on, so....I'm stuck. Anyone I get with in the future will HAVE to understand that or leave me alone, period. I do not expect anyone to be her or fill her shoes but understand she will always be a part of me and she ain't going nowhere. I'm sure you been in love before me. If it was true it never leaves you. Getting off subject a bit I think. Anyway those early days were great, getting to know each other. It wasn't until many years later that I realized how YOUNG she really was. Myself as well. Such impetuous young ones we were. Next, I'll go into how I discovered that she has sickle cell. That's a story worth telling.

This is my favorite picture of us. V wanted to get some pics taken one day. We didn't pick this one for the package but got to keep the proof. I love this pic because she looks SO possessive of me. Like, "Yeah, he's mine. What!" How COOL is that!

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