Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just felt like mentioning this. The Arsenio Hall Show was THE best late night television show ever! Arsenio went with and AGAINST the grain and still pulled that shit off. Some of the best interviews and definitely some of the most classic television musical performances ever. Pop, rock, and especially Rap, the music of Hip Hop culture, he embraced it all when NO ONE ELSE was. And, really, they still don't. Who doesn't remember the A Tribe Called Quest performance of Scenario with Busta Rhymes?!! RAOW, RAOW, LIKE A DUNGEON DRAGON!!! That was the shit, and the main platform of Busta's rise to stardom. And my favorite rock band, Living Colour. I absolutely LOVED that he had them on. From celebrities to political candidates clowning around, Arsenio did it all. I miss that show. Late night has sucked big ever since he left, but I understand. Check some choice moments.

ATCQ - Scenario

Living Colour - Cult Of Personality

BIG DADDY KANE - I Get The Job Done - And the mini interview before the performance was really cool, and very necessary. Arsenio respected Hip Hop as a viable culture and rap as real music.

With the master Eddie. You can tell they're really friends. This is only pt.1 of the interview. Hit youtube for the rest. Really go check the rest of the Eddie interview.

There's mad more Arsenio show clips on you tube. Go reminisce.

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  1. That's what I'm talkin about! I don't know if you know this, but Scenario is my number one favorite song from that era. I know all the words man, even now! And Cult of Personality -- that song is fuckin awesome!!!! I have that on one of my playlists, mixed up there between some GNR and Metallica. Living Color was no joke! Ah, brings back memories.