Sunday, September 14, 2008

NAACP and older Black folks

You know I am so sick of reading articles and statements, from the mid 80's until now, about how certain aspects of Black American youth are a disgrace to Black people. Don't get me wrong, I understand the sentiment. However, I'm part of the last few generations that are direct products of their movement and fight for rights and equality for Blacks. If young people from my generation and the generations after mine, maybe the one right before mine, are a problem, well, you made the fucking problem. (And I am quite capable of making my point without expletives, but I LIKE to use curses to accentuate my points at times.) YOU people fought, and fought, and got your asses kicked and then when you achieved a little bit of your objectives you just stopped. Like stopped cold. Okay. I can see that. That's some draining shit to endure over the length of time you all were going. But know matter how tired you are you still raise your children. You find the damn energy and properly tend to your children. And you all DROPPED THE BALL!! You all blaming us. YOU CAME BEFORE WE DID! YOU SET THIS SHIT UP! Now, I tend to set myself apart (But I understand and accept the responsibility of the generation I belong to, hence this little post). Most older Black folk who come in contact with me usually regard me as an intelligent young man to be proud of. Hey, MY parents RAISED me. MY parents actually TAUGHT me HOW to THINK! What the hell were you people doing. I think you older folk got your pictures kind of twisted. You know. Big picture, little picture. You all viewed the civil rights movement as the BIG picture, which it was, but it was at the expense of maintaining your homes. Home is NEVER a little picture. Home is where your future is. While you were away busy fighting for your futures you also blatantly ignored them. Your children.

Don't get me wrong. I understand the negative aspects of our culture that are portrayed in the media are blown way out of proportion. (For some reason, I don't think you older black folks do though.) It's called PROPAGANDA! And I do understand that the days before and during the Civil Rights Era we tough for Black folk. BUT, look at Black communities then and look at them now. Somewhere along the line, while integrating, Black communities slid downhill. FAST! My parents were children then. The generations after them, leading to and after mine, weren't even thoughts yet, but WE'RE the disgraces to ourselves? Please! We aren't the problem. Those set in long before us.

And another thing. Older Black folks are famous for saying when they were young they were raised and say they did the same and raised their children as well. The majority of older Black folks say this. SO WHAT HAPPENED?!

Now, that aside, there are A LOT MORE OF BLACK YOUTH DOING WELL, GOOD AND RIGHT, than not. I wish you older folk would see that and stop feeding into the propaganda of the very country you fought against for your and your children's and children's children's, ad infinum, rights. I know. I'm one of them and we are legion. Watch out.

(And move aside. Your time is done. Your fight, however necessary and right, is dated. NOT the objectives but the methods. It's a new day. A new year, new decade, new freaking millennium! Certain things change. They HAVE to in order to progress. You'd think you older folks would get that, being you all were fighting FOR change in the first place.)

Just wanted to say the youth, no matter what ethnicity, but especially Black youth (because it's the group I most belong to),is NOT a lost cause. We're the products of YOU, like it of not!

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