Saturday, September 6, 2008

Got it

Well, I did get the HP laptop. I like it. It's rather larger than my old laptop. Which is a given since it has a full keyboard, you know, with the 10-key keys. It is vastly superior to the one I had. And I have know problems transferring my old files to my new laptop because I kept all my files on an external HD anyways. So, that's two dead laptops under my belt. I'm going to have to buy a new carrying case, though. That sucks but a small price to pay for getting what I wanted. It barely fits in my hiking backpack. Granted my backpack is not like the full gear super duper joint that serious hikers have with the back support bars and straps and stuff. But I use it for hiking and it has a pocket for a camelback reservoir pouch so it works. Anyways, it fits in there so you know I had to lug my new toy around with me. Not for completely selfish purposes though. I want to test out the wi-fi connection at school. I have class later on today, right after work. SO, after class I'll hit the student center and see what I can do. THEN, I'ma go to Dave's so he can see my new toy and we can both play for a while. Then I go home and CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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