Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charmed life

For some reason,at times, I seem to come across information I need ahead of time. Like I came across that webpage about Martin Luther King Jr. the other day that I posted about. Now, today(last night really) I started a new class and the instructor asked a question about MLK that I was able to answer quite officiously because I had JUST read about the info the day before. It was info I already knew but the way the instructor asked the question I might not have pulled the answer out of my head as quickly if I hadn't JUST been reading about it. This type of thing has happened to me periodically throughout my life. I come across some new info or old info is refreshed right before I need it. I guess it's nothing that major for anyone else but it's a self observation I've come to note. And I'm major to me. I'm sure I'll blog more on how I know I have a charmed life. That all.

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