Saturday, September 20, 2008


I love good fight scenes. I LOVE GREAT fight scenes!!! There is nothing better in film than a properly done fight scene. As a martial artist and fighter (there is a difference) myself I think I can tell a good one from a bad one. Good ones always, ALWAYS look good on film. Great ones are poetry in motion. Now, naturally, the capabilities of the actors involved in a fight are what really make the fight scene work. However, because we are talking about film/movies, the WAY in which the scenes are filmed is just as important. Perfect example: the Bourne Franchise. The first and third installments had the best fight sequences, especially the third. That fight scene was simply awesome. But the second film fight scene sucked but not, I think, because the actors couldn't pull it off, but because it was filmed bad. Really bad. Almost every shot was close up which is usually what you do when one (usually) or both of the actors can't get the fight choreography right. Close up with no face shots, just a lot of arms and legs and feet. Just like Art of War, with Wesley Snipes and Michael Biehn. I really like Michael Biehn as an actor, wonderful in Terminator, but he is NOT a fighter or martial artist. AT ALL. Wesley is BOTH. Therefore that fight scene should have NEVER happened because it had to be filmed SO bad that even people who don't know the first thing about fighting and martial arts knew it sucked. Because it was OBVIOUS that Michael was NO match for Wesley. (By the way I LOVE watching Wesley fight on film. He has to be one of the most technically proficient fighters I've ever seen on film. Him and Michael Jai White. Both of them are FLAWLESS on film. And they'd BOTH kick your ass in real life, don't get it twisted. Wes delivered one of THE best jump spinning heel kicks ever on film in Money Train. And the whole fight scene was good of course. Couldn't find the clip but buy the movie, the whole thing is good.)That's another reason that Dark Knight was better than Batman Begins, the fights scenes were filmed WAY better. Anyways, here's some clips I found, the first of which sparked this post.

Love this scene!

Had me hooked. Bourne Identity

Actually found a tribute clip to Wesley. Just enough shit to show how fucking awesome this man is as a fighter AND an actor. I forgot about Demolition Man! He was kickin' Sly's ass all over this movie. Real life, woulda been VERY different.

That all for now. I gotta go. LAters.

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