Monday, September 1, 2008


I just feel the need to mention: I HATE WHEN THE FUCKING SUBTITLES DO NOT MATCH WHAT THE ACTORS OR ARTISTS ON SCREEN ARE SAYING!!!! I mean I REALLY fucking hate that shit. Especially when it's like the concert or videos of hip hop/rap artists. I always get super annoyed then wonder what fucking nimrod non-black person they got to do this shit! I realize most of you out there don't care one fucking whit about subtitles but I do, for various reasons. The main one being that sometimes you just can't understand what a particular character is saying in a particular scene. The other being the sound mix could just be crappy as hell. I HATE THAT SHIT, TOO!!! The damn, score and sound effects are LOUD AS HELL and the dialog is just low as shit. FUCKING HATE THAT!!!! But I really hate when the subtitles don't match. Now on foreign films I KNOW the subtitles never really match but I know they make a much better effort to translate as close as possible. At least on the better productions, just like here really. I entertained the idea of starting my own subtitle company but you know...that's too much like work. I mean I enjoy watching movies so much I'd hate to have something like that take the joy out of films for me. Maybe I'll do it one day though. Oh yeah, one really good reason why I like subtitles is this: One of my best friends, Chris has a daughter. Chris like myself is a movie/film lover. So, naturally, he watches them with his daughter. Now, he always put the subtitles on when they watched movies. The result? This young lady's reading levels skyrocketed. Chris,again like myself, also loves to read. So, again, naturally he passed that love onto his daughter. And she is a wonderful young lady, too. Highly intelligent. Can't wait to get out to Cali and see them again. That all.

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