Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh yeah

I meant to mention this like two days ago. My fucking laptop just up and DIED!!!!! WTF!!!! I am so distressed and upset. I should have seen it coming, I guess. I bought it used like 3 years ago, so I figure I got my money's worth. I really have know idea what happened though. One day the power button just seemed not to be working but finally it switched on. Well, it ain't switchin' on no more. SO, I'ma buy me a new laptop this weekend when I get paid. I seen this really nice HP at PC Richards the other day. I like it mostly because it has a FULL keyboard. I mean with the ten-key pad. Most laptops don't have that. That is really a selling point for me. I am a master at the ten-key, MAN!!! Ten years in accounting and finance in the military. Shit! I have fleet fingers, damnit! I wish to use them. I hate, HATE, having to type series of numbers using the number keys above the qwerty keys. That shit is ANNOYING! So, I'm pretty sure, though I'm still looking around, that I'm just going to get that particular HP. Plus it's on sale. Well it has like two mail in rebates, so that's kind of like a sale. I HATE mail in rebates! They take fuckin' forever! Oh well. That all.

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