Monday, September 22, 2008

Fuck supply and demand!

I've long held the belief that poachers are evil creatures and should be killed on sight. No arrest, no judge, no trial, just BANG! Kill 'em. They're not human beings to me. They're human but not human beings. For me there is a difference. You just don't eradicate a species for profit. That's not even intelligent business. Sick and stupid. I also hold the same belief for certain hunters. People who hunt purely for sport and don't eat what they kill should be hunted themselves and killed if caught. See how they like it. Those hunters who eat what they kill are cool with me. They hold to one of the basic human needs and desires and if, for whatever reason, our technology all just crashes, we're gonna need them. Except if they hunt with high powered fuckin' sniper rifles. That's just plain cheating. I hate that. That's really the only scene worth anything in that movie, "The Hunted", starring Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones. Benicio's character is hunting hunters in the opening scene. These assholes have high powered rifles and he takes them with a damn knife. One of the best things I ever saw on film. The rest of the movie sucked. But yeah, I hate poachers. Don't know what my reaction would be if I ever came across one. This is what sparked this post.

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