Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I HATE WHEN SLOW ASS PEOPLE WALK UP OR DOWN THE MIDDLE OF PUBLIC STAIRWAYS!!!!!!!!!!! Yo, I know I move faster than your average person on GP (general principle), but DAMN!!! Could you slow MUTHAFUCKAS with nowhere in particular to go choose one side of the damn stairway and get the fuck out of the way of us people that like to move faster than a damn snail!!! I'm particularly referring to stairways in subway stations, but this shit applies everywhere. FUCKING MOVE OUT OF THE DAMN WAY!!!!! Especially in airports, too. I have a PLANE to catch. MOVE!!! I can't STAND slow ass people with no damn courtesy. And then want to get an attitude if they get bumped. Asshole, if I didn't have somewhere to go I'd kick your ass up AND down these damn stairs. Move slow, get bumped. IDIOT! Old people get a pass 'cause they usually move to the side anyway 'cause they need to hold on to something. But if they pick the middle, they fair game. You old enough to know better. MOVE!!!!

Had to get that out.

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