Monday, September 22, 2008


This man is without a doubt one of the best musicians this planet has ever known. Yeah, he's had his ups and downs but what artist with his longevity hasn't? And his ups FAR outweigh his downs. Plus his "downs" are debatable. Some of Prince's downs are light-years ahead of some other musicians best. Just saying. He was going through some shit in the late 90's and early 00's but when he dropped Musicology in 2004 he shut up everybody who was crowing he was done. This album was a triumphant showcase of superb, precision musicianship. Wonderful album. Then in 2006 he dropped the excellent 3121. Nothing but straight jams and awesome music. You can NEVER count out an artist of this caliber. NEVER! Plus, he served the music industry a big fuck you on a silver platter quite a few times. You GOTTA love that. One of these days I'll post my playlist of Prince favorites. I was just listening to Black Sweat from 3121 and jammin' hard, so I had to write something.

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