Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coney Island

Well, it was announced on the news on Sunday August 7, 2008 that that day was supposed to be the final day Coney Island was to be open (Turns out they extended the days. Big surprise). The lady I'm with wanted to go one last time before it shut down. (I'd promised I'd take her last year when they announced the same thing but it didn't close. I did try to take her but she had something to do that day. Then I found out it wasn't closing, so, no rush.) So, after I crashed after work for a few hours, we went. It was cool. I hadn't been down there in a very long time. First we went to the world famous Nathan's. In the interest of mass consumerism, the quality of the place has decreased drastically. Too bad. I still like their franks though. Walked over and rode some rides. I rode the Cyclone by myself though. She don't like roller coasters. I happen to LOVE roller coasters. Riding Cyclone, I realized, is where that love began. I hadn't ridden that roller coaster in like twenty years, yet I remembered EVERY SINGLE TURN on that thing. Talk about memory. That isn't just mental memory but physical as well. It was a good time.

My ticket to ride one last time.

One Car

Two Car

Big Sign on the Tracks. LANDMARK, MAN!!!!

Me, ridin'. My lady friend don't like roller coasters so she didn't ride. (That's bad.) Side note: V loved to ride Roller Coasters.

I remember seeing this when it looked new in daylight.

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